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    Tomorrow’s relationships begin with today’s research, technology and trust.

    Today is the day where all restrictions are lifted, and you will be able to meet your iConfidant.

    Be in the area code 90069 at 1:30pm.

    An email will be sent at 1:45pm with the exact address.

    Kind Regards,


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    Got the same email. I haven’t gotten any message or indication that FaceTime or something similar won’t happen and to give my ticket to someone who can physically be there, so as of now I’m assuming it will be a thing.

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    Looks like the Resist March ends around 1pm so the area *might* be busier than usual around 1:30pm (see https://www.lapride.org/events-calendar/resist-marchrally)

    Excited to meet my iConfidant!

    Profile photo of Alyssa Alyssa 

    The Resist March ends with a big Pride Festival in WeHo Park which will go all afternoon. I’m sure parking /traffic will be a big issue in the area.

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    @chloe oh I hope some people do get a face time. Since it said it was a in person event I didn’t try to snag one. Crossing my fingers for you!

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    I live in that zip code. Lucky me!

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    PARTY AT @bruinbown HOUSE.

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    I’ve made a huge mistake…

    Profile photo of Jackie Jackie 


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    @lukasrl I’m just going by the fact that my IConfidant said it and some other IConfidant’s mentioned it. I’m hoping too, but won’t be sure until this afternoon. If not, then I hope everyone else has a great time today!

    and doesn’t die

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    @chloe we also didn’t get a “sorry, this isn’t for you” email like some of the others that had tickets.

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    anybody else interested in meeting early somewhere to hangout while we wait for the 1:45 email?

    Profile photo of Maxwell R Maxwell R 

    The Valet parking thing is tripping me out. Are they gonna plant a tracking device in my car?!? Who is gonna cut my break line?! I guess I welcome all of the fuckery.

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    I’m worried for you all.
    Be safe!

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