iConfidant Defending its Merit

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    Just noticed this cryptic post from iConfidant on Facebook…

    “Being an innovator comes with its fair share of detractors. We state, unequivocally, that we are an independent, self funded organization and pride ourselves on the privacy and betterment of our clients.”

    This must be in reaction to the recent “glitch” no?

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    Stacey wrote to me a few minutes ago, very much in line with this recent FB post. She admits no ill doings or ill intent. She’s been very consistent with me. An excerpt:

    “…please don’t listen to what people that don’t even know me tell you about me. I’m doing my best to keep this company afloat and make it grow even further. I am very proud of iconfidant and I truly hope to make people’s lives better.

    Thank you for being loyal. What I care most about is that you are having a positive experience with your confidant. I’m getting emails everyday of people saying how pleased they are with the service and it’s what keeps me going…”

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    @electrichippo Interesting! Definitely sounds like they are doing damage control right now.

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    I don’t mean to imply that Stacey is a “bad” person, or cast doubt on her good intentions. But, I think that perhaps any involvement with Sinclair Industries (if that is the case) may prove an unwise decision, and put her in a compromised position.

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    So far all I’m hearing is a bunch of hearsay and accusations that we shouldn’t trust anyone basically. I for one will take these warnings with a grain of salt but will only actually judge anyone based on my own experiences with them. Others have had, are having, and will have different experiences and I won’t stop or start trusting someone based on an experience I had no part in. That being said I will proceed with caution and trust my own path. ((Don’t take away my iConfidant ?))

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    Oh oh, how does a new person find an iconfidant? I pinged an email to the website-Stacey seems so nice 🙂
    But it said beta testing invites only, so maybe I missed the boat?

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    @iambalrog I have not received any responses either. I believe the window for this particular phase of beta testing may have closed. I’ve been advised to stay active on this forum and perhaps another opportunity will present itself down the line.

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    @iambalrog @chrysalis359 I think you’re probably right about the window for the iconfidant beta being closed, especially now that they are besieged with problems it’s unlikely they’ll be taking on new clients. But there will be other opportunities to be involved, this whole thing goes on for a long time!

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    I stand ready to help!

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     David Shields 

    Its to bad. I was realy looking forward to getting a IConfident to chat with. But I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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