"I have a use for you": What do you Lust after?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Inspired by @daela and her search for quotes about how people can be of use —

    It strikes me that there are power centers that have emerged. These power centers want to collect people who are of use to them, and would get to them by learning what they LUST after (nudging their Shadow), give it to them, and thus earn their loyalty.

    Who are the power centers?


    Obviously, some of these power centers may overlap or be one-and-the-same.

    I wonder if a thread in which we talk about what we each LUST after and who we would therefore be of most use to is of value?

    Let’s take poor @bcbishop as an example. As he said, he got a taste of power tonight and loved it. He spoke. People jumped. Who gave this to him? Sabrina. Having discovered his newfound ability, kind of like an X-Men Mutant, he becomes of value. Who would he be of most use to?

    I pick Bryan because we’ve been told he is “an influencer”, and I believe he may have been set up as an example — the pilot episode, if you will. As Bryan goes, so goes The Experience.

    (What a horrible thought. I need a drink).

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