Hostess in Black Leaks

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    I’m glad for HiB giving us a glimpse at how deep the rabbit hole goes, how intriguing, if not completely necessary. As for her being shut down? I suppose it comes down to protecting the integrity of our Experience. That was necessary.


    Exhibit C

    Cheese is for cheese

    THEY’RE GONNA PUT GASOLINE ON THE DAMN CHEESE AGAIN. I’m calling it now. And when that happens so help me, there will be blood.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @mkarrett If the cheese burns again, I’m forming my own BOS. Brotherhood of Swiss.

     Winston Smith 

    @wanda102 That sounds awful close to one of those “the end justifies the means” kinda statements. How far are you willing to allow something to go in the name of “protecting the integrity of our Experience”? Is there a line you wouldn’t want to see crossed?

     Andrew Kasch 

    Maybe Exhibit C is the Thunderdome and we get to stand judge like Tina Turner?

    (I make jokes because I’m terrified)


    I mean, I’m kinda intrigued by the reveal not really scared… I would’nt see any reason to kill someone for leaking this contract? It wasn’t that bad…I mean remember the Westworld contract where performers were asked to ride each other naked? Maybe just silenced.

    I still don’t understand the fingerprints and firearms in Indiana reference though??


    @bruinbown I didn’t see anyone get hurt today, did you?

    As for lines being crossed, I suppose we can look at what we saw today. If what Hostess revealed was true…there are no lines.

     Winston Smith 

    @wanda102 What bad things would you tolerate happening to HiB in the name of protecting your experience? I’m not talking about what HiB is claiming, I’m talking about what you’d be willing to see happen to shut them up. Is it ok for harm to come to HiB in the name of protecting your experience? Would it be acceptable to extort, or threaten HiB in the name of protecting your experience? At what point for you, would TPTB be crossing an ethical, or moral line in shutting down an adversary?


    I just am having a hard time there are actually files or that actors are really “assigned” to participants. In fact, all of this seems just like what she said it was- completely made up to get attention.


    @brianamatopoeia based on multiple direct references to very private information said to many of us last year at Ascension, there’s no possible way that they don’t have files on us.


    @addisonborn I mean, didn’t a lot of you guys GIVE them that info in the questionnaire?


    Well, shit. This is a huge mess, huh?

    @brianamatopoeia I’m also trying to wrap my head around that. What about the participants who haven’t received any specific attention at all yet? Although, I guess you can keep tabs on someone without ever talking to them.

    It’s 1am and I’m so jetlagged in Paris right now and this thread made my damn brain ache. Thanks for all the diligent updates, everyone!


    If the whole point of these experiences are to collect emotional data on the participants, of course there will be case files about each of us. What’s the point of collecting data if it’s never analyzed?


    Two options, which do you think it is:

    1. She typed this under massive duress via threats, extortion or torture
    2. She’s currently in a trunk somewhere (or in a couple trunks somewhere) and someone else typed this

    @thegilded, Why think in either/or, when really it’s a blow out sale on torture/waterboarding/hooding. All of it is totes possible, in either order.

     Robert Fuller 

    Wow, I go to work for a few hours and a shit storm erupts while I’m gone. A lot to process here, but if anything it makes me more excited than ever for this whole thing. Like, what’s going to happen on Sunday?

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