Hostess in Black Leaks

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    Seeing that Lust loves the number 7 (ex: Joyce’s choice number, 7 people chosen for TMC….) it would not surprise me that there are 7 exhibits (so I guess exhibit G).


    @brianamatopoeia based on multiple direct references to very private information said to many of us last year at Ascension, there’s no possible way that they don’t have files on us.

    @brianamatopoeia I agree with @addisonborn on this. They have information (files) on participants. Of course, they have more on some than others. But, there have been instances when a participant has had something said to them that they didn’t divulge in a questionnaire.


    @brianamatopoeia – we gave them SOME information on those questionnaires, but depending on who you talk to, they seem to have information on some of us that we *didn’t* give them.

    They DO have files on us. It’s what’s in those files and how they got that info that’s up for debate, IMO. I have seen nothing that suggests they have anything on me that I didn’t give them. If that changes I’ll let you know. I think the most damning source of intel has been so-called “out of game conversations” with Tension/Lust related people (actors, creators, etc).

     Buz Wallick 


    are 7 exhibits (so I guess exhibit G).

    Fun fact… in the film world, per SAG regulations… an exhibit G is a performers time card.

    Also hi @michelle!


    Oh shit @thebuz, so once the Exhibit G has been executed….does that mean we’re going to have the actors die on us?

     Buz Wallick 

    @mkarrett Ha! More like that’s when you have to pay up.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @michelle Hi!!!!!!

     Robert Fuller 

    I always just took it as a given that they have files on all of us.

     Robert Fuller 

    So how did the HiB’s Twitter account come to our attention? Did she post a link or did someone just find it?


    She posted on the forums earlier today, but it was deleted.

     Robert Fuller 

    I understand that, but I don’t understand how it was discovered that she was tweeting after her post on here was deleted. Am I missing something here?


    @remrelganaps her name on here was the same as her Twitter handle so someone must have checked it?

    If some posts were deleted or may be hard to figure out who first found the Twitter account.

     Winston Smith 

    She posted about her twitter account in a follow up to her original post, which was noticed by several people before the threads were deleted, so it was already too late to hide it.


    I noticed her Twitter account in her second post. I was trying to reply to her first when I saw the second. I then followed her and told the Slack as I was walking into the gym as the post was being deleted.

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