Have The Shadows Been Activated?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    I got a horrible call at 12:27PM from a number supposedly attached to Stephanie. The voice was unmistakenly hers.

    “Larry. You’ve ruined my life. I never want to see you again.” CLICK.

    I was legit sick for about 5 minutes. And then the following text exchange happened [nothing in here is remotely personal or I wouldn’t post it]. And it’s still going. Updates coming. Analysis after the exchange.

    View post on imgur.com

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    Well, most of you know that I saw Stephanie and DLB log into the Mason livestream. She denies it.
    Her FB page vanished last night shortly thereafter. I saw it vanish.

    1) She’s trying to protect me, as DLB did with @thebuz (I’ve dismissed this)
    2) Whatever happened at the retreat, the actors have been “Shadowed”. i.e. Split personality, their Shadow selves made to appear at a certain trigger.
    3) Robots. AI. As Noah has alluded to all along, the Shadows are real.

    Steph says she got a call at 12:25 claiming it was from me. She said she called back and “the line was making a noise so I texted you”. Could that noise have been the trigger to activate her Shadow? She calls me with the words above, hangs up, texts me moments later? She says Chris is with her, so he would’ve noticed something wrong.

    Or was it a Shadow Robot that called, and my spoofed number called her to generate this conversation?

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    You mean like the noises we were made to listen to during our initial iC calls?

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    Beat me to it @meghanmayhem 🙂

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     Andrew Kasch 

    I can’t ignore the pattern after those two Mason calls…

    Anyone who contacts one of us saying “Don’t contact me again” is not speaking of their own volitioN. It’s a programmed distraction.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    hmmmm…..and yes, I think the timing of these events is important.

    And that line she sent intended for someone else? Does she still think its DLB messing around? Or….is there someone else out there?

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    wait, @larry…Stephanie & DLB logged into the livestream?? I missed that. and then Stephanie goes dark on fb?? hmmm…do we know they were either even in control of their pages at that point?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Yes. They both did. I saw their names. Her FB gone. Her website gone.

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    Yes, the shadows have been activated! Creepy.

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     Drew Huntley 

    One thing that I forgot to bring up that supports @daela ‘s theory from the earlier thread:
    When the Lust FB page started quoting us in the evening the other week, they quoted a single line from one of my comments. It just read “well, that’s a change in tone…”
    This was me responding to someone getting one of the first crappy esque emails? I’m pretty sure @creepsociety.
    It’s a generic statement so I just thought they were poking fun of the whole Mason scandal starting.

    But now looking back it has more relevance. The simpler one is its referring to Mason wearing the helmet and a change starting in his persona. The next big clincher is the quoting of a sentence that also refers to tone. What if they are hinting at just what you are talking about @larry. A literal tone….

    What if Mason had already put on the helmet before the Friday Slack bonanza and when Lust called him, they played the tone?!
    This would explain his sudden personality shift to a submissive party that @a controlled.

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