Gone Boy

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    Hey folks,

    So I figured it’s better to just make a post here and let everyone know publicly as opposed to privately that I’ll be leaving town tomorrow morning for about a month and half for a film in Kentucky.

    Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop modding the forums or being active in anyway, however it may keep me out of the loop on a few things here and there.

    So if for whatever reason something needs my attention on the forums immediately just message me privately on Facebook and I can get to it quickly on my phone. Of course @thegilded will still be here as well.

    Just wanted to let everyone know in case someone was wondering if I had been black bagged and strung up in the OSDM basement getting bamboo shoved into my finger nails.

    Love and will miss you all!


    Profile photo of Lukas L Lukas L 

    Congrats @thebuz!!! That is awesome.

    Profile photo of Meghan Mayhem Meghan Mayhem 

    Profile photo of Brad Ruwe Brad Ruwe 

    You shall be missed Buz. We’ll have to get a drink again when you’re back in town. Enjoy the trip!

    If you’re able to, get a bite of Skyline Chili for me while you’re out there!

    Profile photo of Sean Sean 

    Good riddance bye for now

    Profile photo of Buz Wallick Buz Wallick 

    Don’t act like you won’t miss me, @thegilded. I know your true feelings.

    Profile photo of superstar superstar 

    Congrats and safe travels, Buz!

    Profile photo of Addison Addison 

    have fuuuuunnnnnn

    Profile photo of Hannah Schenck Hannah Schenck 

    @thebuz There will be a Dino romper waiting for you when you return

    Dino Romper

    Profile photo of Kortney Kortney 

    @shankfx22 That is adorable, and obviously for a baby, but I need it to happen.

    Profile photo of Yael Yael 

    Safe travels we will hold down the fort here

    Profile photo of Hannah Schenck Hannah Schenck 

    @kortneydarling They don’t make men’s sizes for this one… yet

    Profile photo of Chloe Chloe 

    Congrats and have a fun time @thebuz!

    cuz i’m positive odsm won’t try to kidnap you or kill you while or over there or anything, right? right?

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    Profile photo of Cristen Cristen 

    He’s going to be gone so long @shankfx22 will have time to see him a dino romper. Don’t get too lonesome without us!

    Profile photo of Brad Ruwe Brad Ruwe 

    Gone Boy (Buz)

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