Getting Old

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     Buz Wallick 

    Anyone that likes Hackers deserves to fail.


    Wanna have our own meeting tonight @joycecarlberg and you can tell me your side of the story? I’m free all night.


    @thebuz on my life I have an original mounted theatre poster for Hackers at my childhood home. Tsk.

     Hannah Schenck 

    @kingkill33 Bring her up to Lake Arrowhead and let’s get weird with @joycecarlberg in the mountains


    @joycecarlberg, to put it in incredibly apropos terms that you and @blondie can understand, they’re just winding you up.


    Careful @kingkill33 , don’t want to come off desperate.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    Don’t believe the distractions.


    Ha ha, @macbethinabathtub. I appreciate that.

    Also, @joycecarlberg – if you ever wanna reminisce about the motherland, I’m here. Also happy to send supplies of PG Tips, Marmite, baked beans and Cadbury’s chocolate.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @mychild was aptly named. Cry, cry; flail, flail. Beat your tiny hands against these digital walls hoping that someone, anyone pays attention.

    Time to change your diaper.


    Sounds like someone’s getting cranky… Maybe it’s time to be put down for a nap @bcbishop?

     Bryan Bishop 

    Just tired of @mychild and @staceyerikson‘s cheap theatrics, @blondie. Unfortunately no amount of sleep can fix their exhausting drama.

    Hackers reference FTW.

     Brad Ruwe 

    I step away for Doctor Who finale and come back to this gloriousness. I love it.

    Is it 8 yet?


    @nothenrygale I wish… I’m am seriously considering cracking open a Red Bull (other artificial stimulants are available)… 3.08am here *yawn*

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