Gathering of The Resistance – 7/19

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @thebuz @thegilded Please edit out the segments specifically referring to the alternate ARG.

     Brad Ruwe 

    This is an edited post at the request of Jose.

    The night started off normal as usual at Idle Hour, caught up, discussed the game, enjoyed our drinks. We saw the Periscope from the “fence sitters” go up regarding Noah’s visit and the delivery of the url. I, of course being the asshole I can be at times, started my own Periscope to point out the url error from the other group. I also threw in a half-assed invitation to Noah because I felt he was likely done for the night delivering his message. He’s a busy man after all. @pandace88 unfortunately had to leave by this point, so now it’s just Chelsea and myself.

    Sure enough, a car pulls up, and out steps Noah Sinclair. @chelsea offers him a drink, it’s not up to his standards, so she goes in to get him something stronger and to his liking. So here I am, standing face to face with Noah. He’s frequently checking his phone, while I try to not act like a nervous wreck. I ask him a few questions like “How’s Andy?” (He gave a raspberry response) Clearly he’s not giving me any info that he doesn’t want to give. He gives me shit, drinks the rest of my rum and coke, and tosses the lime at my cup and misses. It falls to the ground “Don’t litter” he says. I in my infinite smartassness go “Most people fix it. When someone fails, when they miss, they go and fix it.” He stares me down a bit, tells me I’m going to be the one to pick it up from the ground, and out walks Chelsea saving me from more Noah nervousness.

    We raise our glasses (mine still empty because of Noah of course), and he offers a toast, “To The Resistance”. That of course gets us asking question, but he’s had enough and starts walking away. He says something along the lines of “I always get what I want”. I ask “Well what DO you want?” to get the response “That’s for you to find out” (may not be 100% word for word accurate). Off he goes into the night.

    Just missing the surprise visit, @ruck arrives. He’s just under 21 so he had to stand out of the gated front patio but we made it work. We catch up for a bit, close out our tabs, and Jose suggests pizza. Chelsea splits to go to NoBar with the other group while I swing by a pizza place down the street with Jose to fill him in on some things. He asks if he can take my picture to share on the Slack to let everyone know he made it to the restaurant. I agree, he snaps the photo, and we continue our pizza and discussion about these crazy ARGs. He also told me about getting a concussion that morning from slamming his head hard into the ceiling coming down from the stairs and that he needs to stay awake for 24 hours on doctor’s orders. Hope you are able to stay awake man!

    All I can say is, Jose, you’re into some pretty intense ARG’s. He starts telling me about this experience he’s doing. Some pretty crazy things going on there. At his request I won’t go into more detail about the experience itself.

    Eventually he pulls out his phone again, shows me a text message he got from someone involved in that ARG, mentioning the surprise Noah visit just about an hour before. Literally that text must’ve gotten to his phone RIGHT after the visit happened. So whomever sent that text saw the news break as soon as it happened, likely from my Periscope.

    He offers a Lyft to NoBar to meet the others, and we catch them just as they’re leaving the bar. We chat for a bit and he fills them in on some of the things he discussed with me about this Mushroom ARG. He shows @lazysmartperson and @shankfx22 the message from the guy mentioning the Noah visit, and they recognizes the image attached to the message. Turns out it’s another person here on the Lust forums and Slack. @parzival, you’re looped in with this crazy thing too?

    We catch a Lyft back to Idle Hour, chat a bit more about paranoia in these sorts of experiences, and call it a night.

    Jose, hope you’re cool with my summary of events here tonight. I feel like you know better than a lot of us that feeling of “I need to put the sequence of events out there to make sure I’m not crazy”. Cause yeah, paranoia with these things can be nuts.

    And with that, I’m going to call it a night questioning what the hell is going on in my life.

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    Glad you guys had a good night, and that @ruck was able to make it out! Looks like Morgan didn’t show, but someone else did instead 😉

     George Zuniga 

    (I know, I know… this is really late. Sorry for that. This is kinda gonna act as a big recap on my end, going over the last three days.)

    Let me start off by saying that three days ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. Not a single, finite clue. All I knew, for sake of mental stability and security, was that it was Wednesday, and nothing more beyond that. However, it was on this Wednesday that I had let my curiosity get the best of me. Curiosity struck and I had fallen. I became prey to my own inhibitions, and thus… I wound up here.

    It was on this Wednesday that I sat in my English course (yes, some people take summer courses) at Long Beach City College. I’m from Long Beach, just for future reference. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, catching up on some social media as I would during a pretty straightforward and easy class like this. I can’t remember who’d liked this on Facebook, but someone I knew did. I remember reading about this whole thing once. There was a lot I didn’t get at first. But one of the more prominent details of what I’d read came in the form of one very important thought: Holy shit, this is in LA. This is in my area. I could totally do this.

    Class ended, and off I was to the student lounge to get involved with everything. I signed up for the forums. I got onto the Slack chat. That infectious feeling of excitement was spreading up through my chest and into my throat as I headed on my way home, getting introduced electronically to everyone involved as I headed home. There was a meet up being discussed, too. Another thought struck me: This is the first time I’ll be able to meet people I’m participating with in the sort of thing. I


    to be there.

    Cue getting back to my apartment- carpets just got cleaned, so I had to tread carefully. I had work this week (I work for my mother), and so I needed to pack some stuff together and get over there. After a quick bite, I was on my way.

    My anticipatory excitement started to peak once I got out to my hometown, a little spot around the Port of Los Angeles known as San Pedro. I was born and raised here. It’s not the greatest place in the world, and it holds little ground in my book of favorites, personally. I took care of the work I needed to do for the day,showered (it was pretty hot that day), changed and started mentally preparing for the day. Like a quick-footed child, I was opting to leap up and down the stairs rather than climb them like any rational, sane-minded person might. I gave myself a pretty decent concussion there (checked into a nearby Urgent Care, got cleared up, and checked myself out), but headed off later on.

    I was then on my way to meet @nothenrygale and @chelsea over at a bar called Idle Hour- I’m under 21, so I can’t exactly pop into bars quite yet. Fortunately, the pair had decided to stand outside. I was able to stand outside the fence and speak with them for a bit. I learned I just missed Noah Sinclair. Probably for the best. But with personal predilections aside, I spent a good few minutes chatting away with the two. There’s a text or a message received, I don’t know which, but @chelsea split off from us and headed over to NoBar with the “fence sitters”, as I’d heard them called. I offer the idea of pizza to Brad. He agreed. do we head over to a little spot nearby. Tony’s, or something like that.

    We talked for a bit there over a pepperoni pizza– Brad fills me in on everything’s happened with this “experience”. I’m bewildered. I told him about the other things I’ve done in this niche, the other games I’v played. Needless to say, I think we were both pretty excited by the things either of us had to say. We talked for a while more. Opting to head over to NoBar and meet up with the others, we close out at Tony’s and head down to meet the others. Brad covered the pizza and soda I drank (he should remind me the next time we meet up- I owe you one), so I covered the Lyft ride thataway.

    Once we get to NoBar, I’m greeted by some of the other folks I’d met on the Slack chat, most notably @lazysmartperson. But I’ll get to that in a second. We all talk about this whole thing for a while. I learn more about the way everything’s set up- who the key players are, what groups there are, who to look out for and who to worry about… one of those names being Noah Sinclair. The name tipped me off, and I don’t know why the thought had occurred to me then, but I show a transcript of a Discord chat shared between @parzival and myself. Apparently David had caught the Periscope that Brad had shared. After a while, the others start to disappear for a good night’s sleep. Brad, Kevin, and I start talking about the BOS. The Resistance, as they’re called. I’m pointed in the right direction for some things regarding the group (things that I completed, mind you), and successfully recruited. Besides, someone managed to talk me into meeting a group of strangers in a part of LA I’ve rarely set foot in. We idly chat for a few minutes more, before Kevin heads home.

    Brad and I call another Lyft and return to Idle Hour. Still, that excited, frightened, adrenaline-rush of a feeling is coiling through my intestines and snaking around my body. We talk more about the paranoia that gets wrapped around your brain with things like this. Still, the final chat was brief. I had school in the morning, and Brad had work. We see each other off, and the remainder of my night consists of catching a train back to Long Beach.

    On that train ride, despite the reeking stench of piss and pot, I’m stuck wondering. I can’t remember who’d said it, but the one thought constantly circling through my mind is: What the fuck have I gotten myself into? My brain is scratching at the walls for an answer to that question. But I know the answer. It’s as old as that saying itself: only time will tell

    Now, it’s just a waiting game. I’m sure I’ll get my answers soon enough.

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