Gathering of the Agnostics – 7/19

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    Oh shoot that’s today! I just submitted a response to BOS but I want to discuss the pros and cons!! So I may show up (plus I miss you

     Nicole Mae 

    Y’all have a good time. I really want to see a cage match next time with members of each faction.


    More than likely not able to get over there in time at 8:30; probably more like 9:30? Will definitely try to come though.

    If not, still Team Noah. Well. Always team Noah. Yes.


    I’m a fence-sitter, but I also really want to hang out with the OSDM/JC and Resistance/BOS peeps. Since NoBar and Idle Hour are not too far apart, maybe a bar-hop is in order, post “private” meetings with our respective factions?

     Brad Ruwe 

    @maenicole There’s still time…


    @superstar I think of the four or so that are OSDM/JC crowd we’ve already lost one to SDCC for the weekend, and I’m not sure about the rest. But I live in NoHo and may run by to scream abuse at people later in the evening.


    @wanda102 YAYYYYYYYY!!! 🙂


    I really need to pick your brain about why you’d support OSDM


    @wanda102 – I’m not local, so I won’t be able to do an OSDM/JC hangout unless you skype me in…

     Hannah Schenck 

    I will be there! See ya goons later tonight!


    Everyone have fun tonight! <3

     Brian E 

    The meet up is right next to my house! Too bad I’m still on the eastcoast.

    Have an awesome time everyone, I’ll l look out for a periscope…


    Let’s toilet paper @mistere‘s place!

     Brian E 

    @bruinbown Although I’m not at home there are people at my house, probably not the best idea right now….. Have fun tonight!

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