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    hello loves.

    with yesterday’s email that @bcbishop received… this leads to me being a bit more nervous about my future chat with our lovely creators. please help me with questions that you think should be asked/brought up as I can sometimes miss cues or blank out if i’m a little nervous… :eyeroll:

    so what would you like for me to ask?

    thank you <3

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     Lauren Bello 

    There is a Venn diagram of questions I’d love for you to ask, and questions that I think they’ll actually answer. I’ll try to pick from the middle where they overlap…

    – Who would you encourage us to trust? (I don’t think they’ll answer it outright, but maybe they can sneak some hints in)
    – So you were on site at The System workshop in Skid Row! How did you think it went? (hint hint)
    – Is there anyone you think we should be particularly worried about?
    – Seen Andy lately?
    – Seen Otis lately?
    – Do you believe the OSDM monitors the forums and Slack closely? If someone doesn’t trust the OSDM, do they need to watch what they say? Do you think they’re in every Slack channel?
    – Does the phrase “mik/iPERFECT” mean anything to you?
    – “CBC I b n gf” – mysterious phrase, or small child at keyboard?
    – Who is Katniss? (but maybe save this one for the very end…seems like Sabrina thought it might make Darren defensive)

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