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    So.. we have been given five buckets in which to put our thoughts.


    I can’t for the life of me remember the original breakout of the Tension forums (if there even was a breakout), but Conjecture and Speculation seem to be related to Theories and Misc, the usual forum spots.

    Sightings, probably in-person event or other direct interaction discussions, no? And the fact that it’s up already makes me hopeful that we’ll hear something from someone within relatively soon.

    Now, Just Friends and Relationships – wtf do these mean? Other than relationships built within the community and the event? Like, I know I felt camaraderie with certain people within and around the OOA. But would that be “Just Friends” or “Relationships?” If “Just Friends,” then I’m both beyond excited and very nervous about the depth of emotions we’ll be put through here..

    What do y’all think?

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    I’m not completely sure on the friends and relationships thing yet either. Maybe you’ll get closer to certain people than others? Or maybe start out as “just friends” with some people within the OSDM that will develop into “relationships”?

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    I like where you’re headed @chloe. Personally, I am intrigued by Just Friends and Relationships and what we will share. I imagine it’s going to get very interesting

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     Kyle Bown 

    So, what is the difference between “Speculation” and “Conjecture?”

    Is this all just wild speculation until we get some evidence and can make a conjecture? Why separate them out into different forums?

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    So, what is the difference between “Speculation” and “Conjecture?”

    Is this all just wild speculation until we get some evidence and can make a conjecture? Why separate them out into different forums?

    Good question IMHO! Speculation by quick definition reference is the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence. and conjecture is an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information. To me those two definitions are more-or-less the same. I personally don’t like these two forum categories as it’s confusing.

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      HOT $INGLES YOUR AREA NOW do not WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU because your not rich and powerful. Change that today.

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    A good deal of our topics in Tension were split between two topics: Straight batshit, off the wall theorizing as to what things could be and also analyzing things that were

    Were it up to me, Speculation would be used for theorizing based on things that we don’t have proof for. Bullshitting about who The Original 4 are, what the keys on images mean, that sort of thing.

    When and if we start getting videos with hidden messages or puzzles that need to be solved, those would fit in Conjecture, as those are grounded in actual concrete media of some sort.

    But that’s just my opinion.

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      Ya @thegilded if the forum isn’t spruced up then I think that’s a reasonable way to define what-goes-where but everybody has to be on the same page, otherwise it becomes confusing AF.

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    Weirdly I was just pondering this myself. As a writer, it bugged me that they appeared to be synonyms and so having both seemed superfluous. HOWEVER, my thoughts are now leaning towards the idea that speculation is based on what we think we know and conjecture is what we think will happen as a result of our speculation. It’s all semantics though…

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Yeah, that makes sense. Speculation as the home for all of this pre-game / pre-show chatter. What is Lust about, what should we expect, what is this website, what’s going to happen on 5/1, etc. And then once we get clues and information (7pm?) we can start theorizing in Conjecture.

    Sightings has me wondering if there’s going to be some component of this where we see signs of OSDM (or some other organization) doing its thing in the real world. One of my favorite parts of Tension was how the line between game/show and the “real world” became increasingly fuzzy. More of that, please.

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    For reference, the original Tension forums were (and their possible LUST analogues):

    A WORD FROM THE GATEKEEPERS (Admin messages? They’ll probably add this to the Lust forums when needed)
    OUR VOICES – SIGNS OF DEVOTION (possibly Just Friends?)
    IN PERSON EVENT DISCUSSIONS (possibly Sightings?)
    INTERACTIONS WITH THE OOA (possibly Relationships?)
    MISC. TENSION DISCUSSION (possibly Speculation?)

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    Yes @izryn those sure are the forum categories used for Tension from late May 2016 until the end of the experience. These were brainstormed up by our amazing moderators @mkarrett @thegilded and the creators for purposes of getting our ever growing community more organized. Prior to this we had some very peculiar (i.e. vague?) forum categories. Maybe someone else can more accurately list those off, but they are currently slipping my mind.

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    Wow, they’re very Scientology-y aren’t they?!

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    @electrichippo Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the clarification!

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    Thank you @electrichippo

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