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     Sarah Musnicky 

    New post with fractured imagery.

    It can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/thelustexperience/photos/a.1801553866831983.1073741828.1746965578957479/1911730849147617/?type=3&theater

     Sarah Musnicky 

    “People can cry much easier than they can change.” — James Baldwin


    Image in question:

    Lust 8/3


    “Sculptural Construction of Noise and Speed” (Plastic ensemble) by Giacomo Balla (1915; Italy)

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    To add:

    Balla was another major Futurist artist.

    Regarding the quote:

    Baldwin said this when describing how people in the West would come to him crying, saying how awful they feel about the plight of those less fortunate, especially black people, in this country.
    It is a commentary on how people would sooner tearfully speak of how they sympathize with the oppressed than actually do something to change it.

    This was from a 1977 interview with Baldwin when he was discussing the Carter era.
    Full text is HERE and it’s a good read.


    This quote isn’t even harsh, it’s just reality.
    It’s fine to cry- but crying isn’t going to fix the problem. Especially if you’re the problem.

    Could also just be a better person so you don’t have to change. Be perfect. It’s easy. Join the System, get better.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    @kortneydarling I agree with all of that except for joining The System. 😉


    It’s pointing to the dark weakness in human nature that people prefer to passively complain and mourn than actively do something to change the situation.

    It’s one of those truths I can’t imagaine people like to hear. It’s pointing a finger. Everyone likes to feel like they’re “really trying”. This quote kinda pulls the rug of self delusion out from under the reader and whoever it’s directed at.


    Also Baldwin is such a great writer ❤️❤️❤️


    Or in the immortal words of John Mason, “Losers always whine about their best, winners go home and fuck the prom queen.” Which actually sounds like something Noah would say.

    I think this goes towards a common instinct in a lot of people (myself included) to look for excuses or complain about the circumstances when you fail at something. That’s frequently the easy way, instead of dealing with what caused the failure and what you can do about it. Getting to the point where you enact change can be much more difficult.

    Or maybe it’s just that it appears difficult, as Noah has pointed out to people over the last few days. @pandace88 pointed out that confronting Sergio and getting what she wanted was actually much easier than she expected. What was it that Noah said to @bcbishop all those months ago? “The fear was only in your head.” That fear or expected difficulty is probably not as much as we imagine it to be, so think about it and recognize it, and then make some damn changes.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Great memory, @kevin, I had forgotten that line. Going back through my Hotel Room Encounter post, a couple of things really stand out; things that now make a lot more sense given what we now know.

    -The “prostitute” / OSDM member saying that she felt that “he” was always watching her, no matter where she was or what she did. I’d somewhat assumed this meant Noah, but this clearly seems to describe Horace.

    -After the event, Noah called me and said “There are some things that are bigger than you, than Darren, than me. But wasn’t it exciting?” In light of everything we’ve learned, this doesn’t seem to be the way he would talk about The System. So… what larger plans was he referring to? A hint about OSDM involvement? Or, if Horace is the string-puller behind OSDM and The System and iConfidant as we’ve theorized, what larger Horace plot was Noah talking about?

    -“I hope you’ll tell the story knowing the only fear was ever inside your head.” As you pointed out @kevin, this now seems to directly link to the tasks Noah is giving all of us, in order to let us conquer our fears.

    -Speaking of conquering fears, as my wife can attest, sometimes I can get very anxious and uncomfortable in social situations — especially if I feel embarrassed or self-conscious. I didn’t think about it at the time, but the flyer incident at Seven Grand seemed to directly target that: electro-shock therapy by putting me in an incredibly awkward position where I had strangers look me in the eye and make comments while @mkarrett and I picked up those flyers.

    There’s nothing new to glean from any of this, necessarily, but the idea that these clues were there from the very beginning… yikes. @lilmsfancpants: has anything about your earliest Noah encounters stood out differently in light of the last couple months?

     Robert Fuller 

    I think this is a great quote, one that I probably need to ponder in the future, since I fear change and seem to cry a lot. Although, crying can be a form of healing, and healing is a form of change. Now I’m probably overthinking it.


    I cry a lot, too, @remrelganaps sometimes for healing, sometimes just for fun. Cry away.


    If crying is a form of healing, then I will never die…


    @kipsie amen

    Anyway, I find this post to be threatening in this context. What are we going to cry about if we don’t change (ourselves/something)?

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