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     Brad Ruwe 

    Posted by The Lust Experience on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

    “Power without abuse loses its charm” -Paul Valery
    Anyone able to identify the painting? It looks like pure chaos.

    So this of course leaves the question, who is (or who is about to) abuse their power?

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    The painting is Dynamic Decomposition by Umberto Boccioni. This marks the third image in a row from Boccioni and I’m pretty sure he’s the only artist to have been repeated, even a second time, out of all of the images we’ve seen.

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    They did also repeat paintings by David in chapter one, if I recall correctly. David as a preeminent representative of now-classical and now Boccioni, a defacto leader of Futurist art. His paintings would most accurately depict the ideals of the movement.

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    “Power without abuse loses it’s charm”

    People suspect this means Noah, but I think it’s talking about Horace.
    Sure, Noah says shit that’s “mean” but Horace has proven himself to be the definition of abusive when it comes to Noah.

    From @meghanmayhem Call with Horace

    He told a story about when Noah was a child, once a month they would take his favorite toy from him and put it in the fire and watch it burn.

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    Are there any other potential players that we could guess might abuse their power? Aside from Noah and Horace?

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @mamatato Literally all of them. Anyone with power. Give US power and we have the potential to abuse it.

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     Kyle Bown 

    Morgan, perchance?

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    @meghanmayhem Copy.

    @bruinbown I was thinking since he has reemerged that he would be a possibility.

    This quote can also be a blanket statement for the factions that have already been formed. It’s very much a broad statement of sorts.

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    I read this quote more along the lines of “people are attracted to power because of the things they can do for themselves with it.” People want all of the benefits, but none of the responsibility to use it properly. It is the birth of all corruption.

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