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      Early risers!

      So… Lots of talks about Noah pretending to be something in the last days… Maybe is a way of saying its not any kind of act?

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      Trying to upload the picture from the facebook, but Im on my phone (and still learning how to work the forum, so something went wrong. Cand someone do it, please?)

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      I don’t think there’s really a need to upload the picture? We have it on FB. The forums aren’t super friendly for image sharing and it tends to clog the feed if done too much.

      I honestly don’t know what to make of this quote, in the context of Lust, at all. Unless it’s referring specifically to members of the Resistance. They’re the ones who have spoken of living according to ideals – not Noah. It might be that those ideals are about to be tested and Resistance members might find themselves having to make difficult decisions.

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      Quote –

      The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be. – Socrates

      Original Painting –

      David Burliuk, The Death Rider (The Night Rider)

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      I’m wondering if this is some sort of “fake it till you make it” reference. or, like how people pretend to be these grand, great people in public…well maybe the world would be a better place if those people practiced that when nobody is watching too?

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      (While trying to find more about this painting) Apparently in 1910 Burliuk was a member of the group Jack of Diamonds.
      Tee-Hee. I find this interesting, but am certain it’s just a fun little fact and nothing significant.

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       Walter Teigan

      Out of curiosity, what is “the system’?

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      @phydestrius From what we know so far, The System is a business run by the Sinclair family that purports to help people better their lives, self-help style. The front man and face of The System is Noah Sinclair, supported by his wife Sarah. Check out noahsinclair.com if you haven’t already.

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      @phydestrius – On the surface, it’s an abrasive self help guru’s seminar series. However, there’s absolutely something more nefarious going on under the surface. For more information, check out the topic below. The System is specifically explained partway in:

      New Members Start Here!

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