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    Here we have a Guérin painting “Clytemnestra Hesitates Before Killing the Sleeping Agamemnon.”

    We’ve seen references in these photos to the Orestia before, and I think that’s significant. To quick summarize: Agamemnon and Clytemnestra are married, Agamemnon sacrifices their daughter Iphigenia for fair weather on his journey to fight in Troy. Upon his return, Clytemnestra (spurned by revenge and with her lover Agesthius) murders Agamemnon and his concubine, Cassandra. Later, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon’s son, Orestes, returns home to avenge his father, killing his mother and Aegisthus.  He’s pursued by the Furies who demand blood for the blood spilled, and so the cycle of revenge perpetuates until halted by Athena’s Divine Intervention.

    This particular image seems to show Ageisthyus encouraging a hesitant Clytemnestra, though the most popular version of the story (The Orestia) would indicate that she had enough personal motivation without his help. Agamemnon murdered her first husband and allegedly carried her off into forced marriage/consummation. This was long before he murdered their daughter for smooth sailing. 

    The story as a whole is about the cyclical nature of actions and reactions. Revenge carries forward; the snake eating itself.

    It’s no coincidence we would get an image relating so specifically to sacrifice and consequences at this point.  What have you chosen, what have you said, and what will result from it?

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    Wonderful detail Cristen.
    And as with the other 2 recent images, the artist had a connection to Naples. Must be a coincidence, but since I’m here on holiday it is an exciting one!

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    And given the symbology of Lust so far…indeed the eye symbol on this forum, when I explored a ruined roman villa near Sorrento (Naples!!) today and saw this…I was part delighted, part terrified! I’m sure it can only be a coincidence, but still:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    And inside:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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     David Shields 

    @iambalrog That is amazing stuff, you are lucky to be able to see stuff like that! Eye symbolism is everywhere but it is a cool coincidence.

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     Kevin Hsu 

    The quote is from Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-up Idealists by Susan Neiman

    As long as your ideas of what’s possible are limited by your ideas of what’s actual, no other idea has a chance. Every proposal for change will be vulnerable to conservative head-shaking: Things like freedom and equality may be very nice in theory, but the hard data of experience shows they cannot work in practice. Kant turned the empiricists’ claims upside down. Of course ideas of reason conflict with the claims of experience. That’s what ideas are meant to do. Ideals are not measured by whether they conform to reality; reality is judged by whether it lives up to the ideals. Reason’s task is to deny that the claims of our experience are final – and to push us to widen the horizon of our experience by providing ideas that experience ought to obey. If enough of us do so, it will.

    This sounds like a suggestions for us to use our heart more than our head so that we can open ourselves up to the experience. I certainly will make an attempt.

    Or this might reflect the current struggle between The System and iConfidant, one being an old idea and one being new. If so, then the last line of the paragraph may be telling; It’s possible that this Sunday’s iConfidant event may serve as a poll, if enough people go…then the investors choose iConfidant.

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