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    FB lust Pic

    The quote is from a book called Metapolitics by Alain Badiou.

    And the larger photo is this totally not foreboding painting.

    Metal af

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    Rosa made this painting, “Human Frailty,” after a plague in Naples wiped out most of his family. There is a lot of imagery here to pick art.

    I’ll start with what the Angel of Death is guiding the child (the image of Rosa’s dead son) to write:

    “Conceptio Culpa, Nasci Pena, Labor Vita, Necesse Mori”

    “Conception is a sin, Birth is pain, Life is toil, Death a necessity.”

    This combined with the many “mementos mori” shown throughout, paints an overall image that to be human is to exist on a mortal coil.

    The soul is immortal, we’ve seen this in all our Socratic dialogues, but humans are frail. They live. They ache. They die.

    This is extraordinarily dark. It’s intentional.

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    @wanda102 thank you. After seeing the shocking ? uncropped reveal on fb right now I couldn’t wait to hear the backstory. This painting is DARK! Now that I know about the artist and why he painted it it makes sense why I feel so much pain in it. It’s sad. It feels like depression depicted in paint.? Everyone you love will die..

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Just seeing the cropped picture of the woman and then the bigger picture of her as a mother, paired with the recent threads talking about Horath, I am wondering if this is hinting or foreshadowing that we will be finding out who Noah’s mother is soon.

    Perhaps there is a metaphorical plague happening that will wipe us out

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     Brad Ruwe 


    Perhaps there is a metaphorical plague happening that will wipe us out

    Didn’t Kristen refer to the iConfidants as a virus?

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    Ooooh, and for my first post-I happen to be on holiday in Naples right now (well, Sorrento…A day in Naples calls on Friday).

    Hard to know where to get started with Lust for a newcomer-would welcome any tips!

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     Meghan Mayhem 

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