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      Millas “Ophelia.” @blondie was kind enough to identify this for us. It’s one of the most iconic images of the Death of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She falls into the water and is oblivious to her plight; eventually she is pulled underwater by the weight of her soaking garments.

      Now obviously Ophelia’s inaction in the face of danger is a result of her mental condition. But this is an image of someone ignoring the obvious danger that’s right in front of them. Joyce says she wants to pull us out of the water; maybe we should let her.

      Further context to the Eagleman quote is HERE
      This is very interesting. We have been saying that our willingness to participate is what drives the narrative, and it’s been proven many times over. This would almost imply that our speaking of a name, Anoch perhaps, quite literally keeps him alive. If a soul can never die, and our rememberece of that soul keeps it in Purgatory, keeps it from passing on, what is the next step towards returning to this plane?

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       Lauren Bello

      I completely agree, I think the quote is clarifying the purpose of your “what did we pledge” letter. The letter isn’t suggesting that there’s a code to crack in the pledge: it’s urging us to ponder, repeat, and dwell on the pledge as a ploy to harness our collective thoughts in order to bring Anoch back.

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      So we should be saying it, then?
      I pledge my desire for their sacrifice and freedom. Just keep it in our minds until the purpose becomes more apparent.

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      I just realised… As someone who didn’t attend registration, I never actually made that pledge like a lot of you. Part of me is screaming that this is a bad idea, but…

      I pledge my desire for their sacrifice and freedom

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       Meghan Mayhem

      “Look at what you silly mother fuckers signed.”

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       David Shields

      Well I have not singed, so I will see you fuckers later! I AM FREE!

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