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    Facebook image and quote from Horace Sinclair:

    Original Painting:

    Elephants, Dali (1948)
    Regarding the elephants, “Coupled with the image of their brittle legs, these encumbrances, noted for their phallic overtones, create a sense of phantom reality.” Sense of phantom reality seems to be a theme in these parts.

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    We’ve been speculating in Slack about who Horace seems to be taking a dig at in this quote. Noah, Mason, Morgan? Sound off.

    I wanted to point out the stark contrast between Dali’s spider-legged, weak elephants and the power of the animal itself. Morgan once referred to BOS as the elephants before suggesting the elepahants didn’t exist. Does this speak to us losing our strength?

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     Robert Fuller 

    I took it as him taking a dig at us. Or maybe he’s taking a dig at Noah, and whoever is quoting him is taking a dig at us.

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     Lauren Bello 

    Suggestions for what exactly “it” is have included – IT (Stacey’s original creation), MyChild, the coming darkness, Anoch, the physical body, The Lust Experience itself, or an idea or concept that we haven’t identified yet.

    It has also been suggested that maybe the ellipses indicate that we are hearing one side of a conversation.

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     Lauren Bello 

    The question has also been raised on Slack – is Horace taking a dig at Noah by referencing “broken little boys”? Does he think of Noah as one of those “broken little boys who still wish that Mother approved, that Mother loved them”?

    Noah’s complicated relationship to his mother has come up before. He told me, “My relationship with my mother has always been…complicated.” In Mason’s post about his call with Horace, he claimed,

    I said, Horsie, “do you think that truth is malleable or absolute? What do you think little Noah would say about that?”
    Well, he acted all flustered and then said that the only truth he cared about was his own and it was absolutely absolute. He then said something like it didn’t matter that his son was a born loser with a dependency problem who just also happened to kill his own mother.

    What exactly that means is unknown. It could mean Noah murdered his mother; it could mean that Noah’s rebellious ways and dependency problem drove his mother to the grave; it could mean his mother died giving birth to him, in which case Noah’s complicated relationship with his mother perhaps refers to wrestling with the memory of his mother, or the version of his mother that Horace has told him about. It could mean something else.

    It could also be something that Horace never said at all, that Mason threw out for reasons of his own. If “Mason” is even an actual person. It would seem that the rest of the report, which references Joyce’s dead or comatose body, contains at least some fiction.

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       Lauren Bello 

      Also, “HORSIE”. How has this not caught on.

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    I’m still stuck on *who* posted this. Last night, the song appears to have been posted by Mason after he threw away the costume that we associated him with. It’s possible that multiple people have the ability to post from this account, but who would post and quote Horace? It’s like the day where we all laughed about how only Noah would quote Noah. Is Horace quoting Horace? I think it’s possible that multiple people have been using this as a way to post little jabs at each other and pass on messages. If that’s true, then who is this for, and who is it from? That might help us figure out what it means.

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       Unseen Presence 

      This is an interesting thought, especially for someone like me who’s only now spending all a good portion of my time paying attention to this.

      Because I didn’t have any way to determine WHO was supposed to be posting on the FB, I think I had already assumed it was different people commenting back and forth through the pics/quotes/songs. It had already felt like there were different ‘voices’ in how the posts seemed to me, and I’ve been trying to figure out who they each might be.

      So I wouldn’t be surprised about that idea being true.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Totally truth, man. sorry.

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    What exactly is the lie?

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