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    “We Are Making A New World” – Paul Nash, from the War Paintings collection.

    “The world cannot be governed without juggling.” – John Seldon

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    As @wanda102 pointed out in slack, this quote seems to be referencing “political juggling,” as in those who wish to lead may often need to ally with those who seem to be against their interests towards a common goal.

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    All right, so I’ve been picking through the original source material for the quote here. Basically it has a lot to do with “political juggling,” as in the idea that people in power need to coordinate with those that might seemingly be contrary to their interests in order to achieve a common goal. It also discusses the idea of community appointing a leader or a king, because they are unable to make decisions as a group, and need deferred to a singular person to choose for them.

    Well, this has an awful lot of applications.

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      Whoa. Good find, @wanda102. So who are the potential alliances here?

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      @chelsea perhaps Noah/BOS, or even the idea of a seemingly untenable alliance between Mason and BOS? The methods are very, very different but we have to admit there’s a common goal there.

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    Well this seems to be shouting relevance at us, considering the events of the past few days. Is this suggesting that @bcbishop is going to have to align with someone he isn’t gonna be happy about?? Mason maybe??

    And are they calling us out about all our damn bickering & inability to make decisions or what? lol

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    I think (and I was not really awake) that he said that the “blonde” said something about we are all useful blah blah talents. Did Sabrina say something like that?

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       Brad Ruwe 

      @coryphella Closest thing I can think of was when Sabrina told @addisonborn “We all play a role until we are no longer valuable” in one of her emails.

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    For reference, here’s the bit from Seldon’s Discourse:


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