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    “He began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling.” – William Golding, Lord of the Flies.

    (I’ll let someone with more tech skills than I throw the actual photo up.)

    In this point of Lord of the Flies, Jack, Roger and a couple of others go out to hunt for a pig after getting really pissed off that they had been eating only rotting fruit. They bring the pig back to where Ralph, the elected leader after leadership was taken away from Jack, is furious about the fire going out. Jack and the hunters are covered in camouflage paint, and Jack is wearing a mask. I remember this moment as the first sign that things are changing. The kids, specifically Jack, are no longer who they were when they got to the island.

    This is the first moment of a real power struggle between Jack and Ralph. Ralph was elected by the group to be the leader. Jack didn’t like this. This is when Jack starts acting out against that, causing problems, and escalates from harassment to abuse. Jack is trying to lead with force. Ralph is trying to lead with reason. They are unable to understand each other and things go very south, very quickly from here. Including the first death.

    This all, uh… sounds very familiar. Spoiler alert – only three people die in this book. And they aren’t Jack or Ralph.

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    Painting is “Riot at the Gallery” by Umberto Boccioni. Boccioni was considered a leader amongst Italian futurist painters, writing their manifesto in 1910.

    The painting is a depiction of a real fight outside a cafe in Milan. Typical themes of movement, chaos, violence are throughout. The most important this to note here are the two central figures that your eye is drawn to. The fighters. The chaos literally swirls out from them as the focal point.

    Our Jack and Ralph. Our Noah and Morgan?

    Here’s a quote from Boccioni that opens the manifesto:

    “All things move, all things run, all things are rapidly changing. A profile is never motionless before our eyes, but it constantly appears and disappears.”

    Let’s see what changes tomorrow, then.

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    Just want to point out that Lord of the Flies is an allegorical tale about the death of Christ… Which ties in with the conversation we’ve already been having today…

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    I’m not convinced this comes down to a battle between Morgan and Noah. This could be foreshadowing that that’s where we are headed, but it doesn’t fit quite right yet. I know I have fucking been saying this over and over, but I’m sticking with this theory for now. An enemy of an enemy is a friend, right? I’m still expecting a metaphorical handshake before there’s an End Game. Step one is get rid of Horace and the OSDM.

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    truth told, I think you may have something there @chelsea. It also means that many of us who have drawn a line in the sand may start to see that line shift without their intent.

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