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     Lawrence Meyers 

    The story of Horus et al includes a lot of characters —
    One wonders if all these people popping up are analogs to all that stuff.

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    So, we kind of mentioned something on those lines on another topic. The previous idea was that Horace was Horus because of the name, mas then I remembered that in the mythology, Horus was the sun, and a much more benevolent God (even if it was aldo the God of war). Horus was the champion of the Egypt, the one called to stop his uncle Set and protect the people.

    And then I started on the question of the Eye on the logos – its easy to think it is Horus’ eye, but it could also be Ra’s Eye… His Eye was the “all seeing”, that he would send to spy on his enemies and to destroy them. (It could be an alusion to the wings on the eye of the logo).

    But anyway, for the characters… Boy, do we have options. Horace could ne Ra, the almighty God, the most powerfull of all. Noah could be Set,the God of turmoil, rage and confusion… Sarah would be what? Isis? Of course that is only if we think on the personality aspects, and not in the family structure of the Sinclairs.

    Horus itself… Well, if Noah, for once, was Horus, thay could be a twist of character for him. To become the savior. And of course, its good to remind how Horus was concieved – Isis ressurects Osiris, her late husband, puting parts of him back together, so she can have sex with him and give birh to Horus. Who will end up loosing his eye only to cured by his mother and then defeit his uncle.

    So you see, such as the Eye (that being from Horus represents healing, intuition, ressurection, and being from Ra it can be surveillence), it can be a very nice story, or a very dark one. Who do you think would be a good match for Noah?

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