Darren and Clint, please speak out

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Dudes. You have to be watching what is happening right now. Phone calls leaked left and right. Phone calls showing that you both have been far more involved than you’ve admitted. Your actors terrified to talk about your last project, and being threatened to keep quiet.

    And now Mason Silver, somebody that you yourselves think may be real.

    Hiding behind the fiction isn’t working. Pretending this is all a game isn’t working. People you care about, and people that care about you, are scared.

    I’m sure you both are wondering just what the fuck you’ve gotten yourselves into, and you’re just scrambling to keep ahead of the next revelation. But no matter what you’re being threatened with, you both do not have to deal with this alone. I bet most of the people here would be quite forgiving – even if you have done some despicable things up until this point.

    I’m just speaking for myself here, but please come out from behind the curtain. Let us know what’s going on. Whatever is happening, we can fight it better together than we can in secret.

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    Cofuckingsigned. They want us divided, whoever they are. We need to keep that from happening.

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     The Creators 

    I assure you, we are completely fine.

    Our writing is having the exact effect we intended.

    Onwards and upwards!

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    “Everything is fine.”

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     Brad Ruwe 


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     Kyle Bown 

    I’m not sure Darren and Clint ever existed…

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    Everything is NOT Awesome!

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    Hahah @bruinbown you just made me actually fall out of a chair – I laughed that hard.

    “Exact effect we intended”. We are all flipping and and it’s being eaten up like candy.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @the-creators With all due respect, last we heard Darren and Clint — the two people I was addressing — were locked out of @the-creators. So my question is: who the fuck are you?

    Darren and Clint: please speak out. We are here to help if we can.

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    Even if we get an “I am in fucking control” today, could we trust it?

    With every little morsel of truth, we’ve been given two lies, and there’s no telling which is which.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    This released statement from the “creators” is all lies and bullshit

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    @thecontroller, @the-creators, Do you know about the Briarberg Institute?

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