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    With MyChild going rampant, a community that is constantly growing, and with @thebuz on what I assume will only be a sabbatical, I need help in ensuring that people keep coloring within the lines.

    To aid me in this task, I’ve selected and raised @daela up to moderator. Her primary focuses will be helping maintain and aid the community along with helping work on improving the ways in which new members are caught up to speed and integrated into our group. As always, please feel free to come to whoever you feel comfortable coming to if you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

    To address the elephant in the room, my allegiance to the OSDM and her allegiance to the BoS is not a secret. However, it is important to remember that the mantle of Moderator exists somewhat beyond which faction you feel drawn to. The moderator staff as a whole believes that the most important thing here is community cohesion. No matter your allegiance, any member of this mod team will fight for you and this community.

    Please help me welcome her as your newest overlord.

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    Woo! Get drunk with zee powaaa, @daela! <3

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    Love love love love!

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    This is a FINE choice! Cheers to you @daela! You are an asset to us and a great friend. ?

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    Congrats @daela!

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     Brian E 

    @daela is an excellent choice, and has been super helpful in keeping people up to data here and on Slack.

    Thanks to everyone posting in #catchup on slack.

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    Such a great choice! Yay, @daela!

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    Couldn’t have picked a better choice!! Fck yeah @daela!

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