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    Fireplace what use fireplace means you have a father in a group of family, it is open, warm, we can take refuge can love!It stands for having status and status.The tall stone mantelpiece, with its exquisite sculptural skills, shows dignity and power;Fireplace is the center of family sitting rest, Christmas time, fireplace has what to use the children are waiting for Santa Claus from the fireplace chimney to bring gifts…

    1.Choose villa fireplace according to actual demand
    Domestic most villa fireplace cent is true fire fireplace, electric fireplace, adornment fireplace 3 kinds.Decorative fireplace simulation real fire, no heating function, generally used for commercial space foil atmosphere, villa space is relatively small, depending on personal needs;Electric fireplace is suitable for all types of houses, the price is relative but the heating effect is relatively poor, the experience is not good;True fire fireplace cent is to burn gas fireplace and wood fireplace, its need has chimney or flue commonly dirt and smoke eduction, suit alone villa to wait.At present villa owner is given priority to with choosing true fire fireplace commonly, it is the effect that warm oneself is more comfortable and natural, 2 burning wood true fire to be able to serve as villa ornamental landscape, bring vibrant ground vitality to villa, reveal master grade style.
    2. Choose villa fireplace according to size and specification
    Villa fireplace USES an environment to differ, specification and function are each different also.Generally speaking, the bedroom and the sitting room are the occasion of the use of the fireplace, the bedroom for the main function of the fireplace for heating, can choose the smaller size of the villa fireplace, take jinan as an example, the size of the fireplace for 700*660*500(mm) heating area can reach 30-90 square meters, to meet the villa bedroom heating needs.And living room with fireplace basically is the purpose of the whole house decorate a style, reveal master style and taste, plus the villa living room space is compared commonly big, so the fireplace in the choose and buy, can choose larger fireplace, the current domestic cast iron fireplace large size is 1.06 m, is the main rudder fireplace is designed for villa space.
    3. According to the type of villa fireplace to choose
    The fireplace in the villa is mainly divided into several categories: built-in fireplace, freestanding fireplace, hanging fireplace, and other customized fireplace.The embedded fireplace needs to be reserved for smoke exhaust when the villa is designed, and it is usually used with mantel or decorative fireplace, which is an integral part of the villa decoration style and elegant.Independent fireplace is not subject to decoration restrictions, does not destroy the existing decoration, can be installed in any location, suitable for the villa has been decorated;General villa user choose and buy these two kinds of fireplace are more.

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