Call with Sabrina 06/11

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    @taysavestheday somehow I didn’t make the connection between what Tom was saying at the time with Sabrina (“what if you had the opportunity to be that conduit one more time? what would you do?”– probably because I had no clue our iConfidants were Addison).

    I’m thinking she (Sabrina not Addison) definitely needs our help @rizzzoooooo!

    I guess it depends on how you look at it but she’s been through abuse and her worldview has clearly been affected. Unless Anoch is real then she’s doing the Lord’s work…


    Ok, just playing catching up now I’m in an Air BnB with Wifi 😊

    @thebuz – what I said wasn’t meant as a dig or an attempt to belittle what you feel. Just a nod towards the bigger picture which we sometimes miss when hurt feelings cause us to look inwards ❤

    @taysavestheday – you think my heart makes me weak? I am a tough cookie and you know it. As I have said before, if I followed my head over my heart I would not be here now and you probably wouldn’t be one of my closest friends. Although our paths seem to be going in different directions, I know you’ll make the right choices eventually… We’ll be there for each other no matter what happens.

    A lot of you know I had very complicated feelings about Addison before. And then I met with Overseer and things didn’t get any less complicated as although we were friends who believed in the same things and she comforted me when I was in a dark place, I still felt she was complicit in the murder of my Sentinel. But something has changed in me, as it has in Sabrina. There is a connection there now. I knew I was talking to Sabrina the whole time – there are many who can vouch for me on this. I knew which parts of her emails were fiction and which parts were really about her. I want to keep that connection going. “Brownie” told me that I am a good friend to those I care about and I will do my best to be a good friend to Sabrina moving forward. Sometimes you disagree with your friends, sometimes you find it hard to understand their actions… But you’re there. And that’s what matters in the end.

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