Call with a Threat from Mason – 10.20.17

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    So, on I got a notification to go to Slack because @111error wanted me to call him.
    I’m not posting about that call though. I’m posting about the call I got afterwards.

    No Caller ID, from Mason. He didn’t say his name, it was confirmed with me later. I literally just said “okay” and “huh” between the yelling so this is the important bits-

    “To quote you Kortney, CONFUSING AS FUCK.” (Showing they’re looking at Slack)
    “Morgan is garbage, he’s a virus. Do you know what they do!? THEY SPREAD.”
    “I like you Kortney, I reeaaallly do. I like you. Until they tell me I don’t. And then well… you and I get to play. So please for us both, do us a favor. Never. Speak. To Morgan. Again.”

    Hangs Up.

    Then I get a text from Morgan saying he just got threatening calls from Mason since he asked me to call him. He thinks Mason might have heard our conversation, which in turn means… (left this up to interpretation. Let’s hope Morgan is physically ok.)

    Mason’s call was in response to Morgan wanting to talk to me, and I guess he really doesn’t want Morgan to turn me to BOS.

    Note – I didn’t respond to Morgan’s texts. Also, I’ve never talked to Mason before this- so it was surprising to me considering I’m a Noah girl and Mason’s not OSDM. Which leads me to wonder why he said the things he said about liking me.

    Guys. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t make any conclusions about these calls until I decide what to think of Morgan’s call and what I’m going to do with the information I’ve gotten. This isn’t like a physical thing, it’s like… what am I mentally going to do and decide.

    Remember when they said if you don’t choose a side it will be chosen for you? This sounds like that.

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     Lauren Bello 

    “I like you Kortney, I reeaaallly do. I like you. Until they tell me I don’t. And then well… you and I get to play.

    Sounds like someone’s holding Mason’s leash. Sabrina?

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       Robert Fuller 

      That part stuck out for me, as well. It sounds to me like Mason may not be as “real” as he has been insisting he is this whole time. Who gets told who to like, other than people following scripts?

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     Lauren Bello 

    For the record, here’s what Morgan said in Slack:

    Hi everyone. I’m feeling a little weird about a lot of things, I’ve had a lot – a *LOT* – on my mind.
    I want to apologize for how I’ve been acting these last few … however long this has been going on
    I know I have not been myself, I know I have been acting very un-Morgan, so to speak.
    My head is not right, my .. everything, has been swerving wildly off course.
    I know why some of you are so angry, I know I haven’t given clear and simple answers when you wanted me to.
    I can’t give one now either, not here.
    @kortney Please, call me.
    I might have the answer YOU are looking for.

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      Note- I never had a question, therefore I don’t know what “answer” he thought he had for me.

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      How does Morgan’s description of his feelings compare to those of people who suffer side effects of the Helmet? I know we poked some fun at him on Slack regarding headaches and stuff… But should we consider this?

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      @lilmsfancpants That’s why I was asking…my first thought was that he’d been helmeted.

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    You have more info on this than almost anyone else at this point, so I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for you. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts if and when you choose to share them.

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     Kyle Bown 

    The “I like you until they tell me not to” can go a couple of ways. Yes it could mean “I like you until the script says I don’t.”

    But it can also mean I like you until my bosses tell me otherwise.

    Have you ever had a group of friends where you all now a person outside the group. You like that person. But one of the other members of your group has a bad run in with the third party and the group decides “we don’t like them anymore.” Or the classic “why do we hate them?” When it’s clear your bff has an issue with someone you do to, whether you like them or not.

    Or something like “I like you, but if you overstep I will be forced by my bosses to no longer like you and cause you harm.”

    There’s a lot of ways to read that, is what I’m saying.

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       Robert Fuller 

      @bruinbown I think the last example you gave is most likely the correct interpretation. But, still, the way Jaime seemed to reading from a script in her call to Lauren makes me wonder.

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      Last one was the tone it seemed and what I initially thought.

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    Note- I’ve made my decision on what I think of all of this, and what I’ll be doing with it.
    I’m not sure what time my day is ending today, but I think I’ll do a periscope late today or if anything tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

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    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts @kortneydarling!

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    So this will be a summary of what I should touch on in my periscope about these calls I got. I can’t explain everything, but I can tell you that this was a massive massive decision I have made and my actions are going to have consequences. What I assume could have severe consequences. Again… I can’t explain why due to the context of the calls.

    These calls were to focus on who I’m aligning with.
    First off, I was given two clear choices. Take everything Morgan talked to me about in our 30 minute conversation and instill my trust in him and essentially join him. Or, do what I was told by Mason and never speak to Morgan again.

    For most, I think this was a clear choice since they’re already BOS. But this was specifically why I was chosen, because not only am I not BOS- but because Morgan fucked me over the other night. This is why this decision was a big one, because it could be very good for one side or the other.

    If I go with OSDM/Mason/Who??? I’m literally walking into the arms of the people who have threatened me.
    If I went with the BOS I was putting blind faith in a group that I never trusted before, nor aligned with, and was fucked in the ass because of. But, theoretically, they could “save” me though- from the OSDM/whatever they’re protecting people from. I, theoretically, could also help show that people should align with the BOS because a non-believer is now a believer.

    And there’s a lot that’s going into this decision. And a lot of that has to do with me, and what I want, and who I am.

    One thing I am though is loyal.

    If I joined the BOS, Morgan would be a fool to trust me because I- with that action alone- have proven that I can switch sides. And he shouldn’t trust someone who does that.

    So that leads me to doing what I don’t think a majority of us would do… I’m staying with the OSDM/Noah. I realize that it’s literally me going with the people who have threatened me. I understand only a fraction of what I think these consequences will be. I think people will hate me for it, I think people will get hurt, I think I might get hurt. And I have to accept those, and anything that comes up from my decision.

    So. Morgan. It’s probably wise to not contact me again.

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      I feel like we know that Noah and Mason aren’t OSDM. Are you intentionally lumping them together based on your call with Morgan?

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      No. I’m just confused on what to call them (I guess it should just be non-BOS) since it still doesn’t make sense to me why Mason called me and not someone from The System.

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    @kortneydarling Honestly, I’m not surprised by your decision. We all have our _path to walk through this, and you’ve chosen yours. I think (and I don’t know, cos I don’t know what you & Morgan talked about) it would have been the easier decision for you to go to BOS and I think the fact that you didn’t, whether I agree with your decision or not (that’s irrelevant, it was YOUR choice to make), speaks volumes. Consequences be damned, you took your way, and I applaud you for it.

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      Taking everything Morgan told me, it 100% would have been the easier decision to go the BOS route.
      The consequences of me going BOS seemed minor. Me going the other direction seemed much much larger, due to the context of the calls. That’s why it was a massive decision.

      Also, not speaking to Morgan again will deeply hurt me on a personal level. It’s like taking a chunk of my heart away with no guarantee anything will replace it. So now I’m just feeling hollow.

      But that’s what I’ve chosen.

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      I know that wasn’t an easy decision, holy shit <3

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    The choice was 100% yours to make and I respect you following your heart, but I do have to ask.
    You say that you are loyal, but it doesn’t seem you fully understand who it is you’re loyal to?
    You said “Mason/OSDM” because “you don’t really know what to call it” and then lump Noah and The System in there too.
    Mason isn’t OSDM. OSDM has already expressly spoken out against him, and Briarberg. The System is supposedly owned by Horace (who is OSDM), but run by Noah (who is not…or at least doesn’t want to be).
    You had interactions with Andy and Sarah during the letter run, but not Noah at all. Noah had no play in this whatsoever. There doesn’t seem to be any connection between Noah and Mason at all, unless you play the convoluted game of saying Mason got info from Sabrina, Sabrina was revealed as Church of Anoch by Tom Barrow at the iConfidant meet and greet. Tom Barrow was also Horace’s handler at The System event.
    But still Tom was connected to Sabrina and Horace. Not Mason, not Noah.
    There’s more of a connection between Noah and Morgan than there is Noah and Mason.
    Are you simply saying that your choice is less anyone specific and more just “not Morgan”?

    So I have to ask. You say that you chose this path because you are loyal.
    Who *exactly* are you loyal to?

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      You are correct, I do not fully understand who I’m loyal to.

      This was bigger than Morgan.
      This was bigger than Noah.
      This was bigger than OSDM.

      This was “For” or “Against”.

      And I can’t talk about it.

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