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     Brad Ruwe 

    Just got another call from @mike. Confirmed the location for tonight’s coffee meeting. Just gonna throw it out there, the location absolutely has a bit of SUS to it. Will share details with my recap after the meeting tonight.

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    Brad made a periscope after his meeting:

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    Here’s some fresh data for you:

    -We still don’t know if @russell is okay. No fault to Brad, there’s only so much he can do to get that out of Mike but damnit. Is Russell okay?

    @mike seems to be with the Briarberg Institute/Foundation/whatever because those questions that he asked @nothenrygale were suuuuper similar to what Lisa asked me weeks ago.

    I’m furious. I frustrated. You will always be my friend but god damnit Mike, what the hell are you doing???

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    I haven’t been able to watch the periscope yet because I’m at a concert. But, fuck, I don’t know how to handle this one. @mike is like my go to guy. I usually line right up with him in his opinion.

    Dammit. And I’m so concerned about @russell.

    I’m playing devil’s advocate right now but could it be Mike met with Brad because he wouldn’t be as passionate about finding out what happened to Russell as someone who really knows him well?

    I’m going to add what I said in Slack too. This one hits home. Mike and Russell are a huge factor for why I’m such a part of this world. Without them, I would have done nearly all of the things I have participated in. So, what the fuck Mike? Why would you do this to your friend?

    I’m looking through rose tinted glasses. I have to believe there’s more to the story here. I’m praying there is because my heart will break if this is true.

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    I’m dumbfounded and troubled. How can this be true? This can’t be everything. But my head is spinning.

    Even the things we thought we knew the best will still betray us.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    So had my meeting with @mike and yep, looks like he got that job he was after.

    I was instructed to meet him at a coffee shop at Sunset and… Argyle. No joke, he’s 100% #TeamArgyle. I was Periscoping a pre-meeting video, and as I’m asking if anyone has any questions, he strolls on past me on his way to the coffee shop. He’s all dressed up in a jacket and you guessed it, argyle shirt. We go inside, he buys us coffee, and we go outside to “talk”.

    “Alright so I gotta say, that video definitely worried a bunch of us.”

    No response from Mike as he pulls out a laptop from his bag and starts typing.

    “Public wifi…”

    He keeps typing at his computer, connecting to the wifi.

    “Mr. Ruwe, what have you learned over the past couple months?”

    “That things are getting very confusing and things are not quite what we thought they were. What exactly they are I still have no idea but I can tell there’s little that we actually know.”

    He types my response.

    “How have you changed over the last couple of months?”

    “I feel like I’ve been a little bit more paranoid recently? Definitely been having late nights but that could also just be Dark Harbor as well. So less sleep, more tired. Um… I don’t know.”

    “Any positive changes?”

    “It’s been a very long while, I don’t know. I guess I could say I’m more assertive? Definitely am trying to make my case more often than not, especially with the vote thing we had.”

    Mike nods.

    “What would you do different going forward?”

    “Ummmm, god… fuck. NOT fuck… (I don’t want to become like Andy) I guess I’d try to be more open to what’s going on because I went in with one level of assumption and once I started trying to figure out what was going on I learned nothing. That what I thought I knew was not necessarily the case.”

    Mike continues to type.

    “Can I ask how Russell is?”

    No response from Mike.

    “That would be a no.”

    “Mr. Ruwe, thank you for your time. You have a good night.”

    And he gets up and walks away.

    So Mike appears to be working with Briarberg now. I went in hoping to get some answers and instead literally just got nothing but questions. God damnit Mike. I fucking trusted you.

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    Yea, right in line with the Briarberg calls. I find it interesting that the song/quotes are no longer sticking to the forum. This has been our game board. We are moving one step farther away from the “game”.

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    @mike definitely got a little too excited about Mason’s arrival on the My Haunt Life podcast.. now I’m wondering if that was genuine or if he was just gunning (AKA kissing ass) for the prized position Mason was looking to fill.

    I definitely got a Mason vibe as well in the YouTube video where he torments @russell. Good on you for finding your passion, what you lust for, @mike but damn would you at least let us know that @russell is ok?

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Thanks for sharing this @nothenrygale. I appreciate your detailed report, but I’m not gonna lie: I wish you’d demonstrated some of that assertiveness when it came to determining the fate of one of our own.

    I wonder how Morgan would have handled the situation if he’d been there. :-/

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    “Well, we never really know anyone, do we?” — M.

    We are always lacking complete information. With Briarberg, some little piece is nagging at me and I’d like to get your collective thoughts, and also a thought or two on @mike.

    Originally, Mr. Silver called me, read back a piece of an article I wrote praising TENSION, then asked if I really believed that bullshit I wrote.

    Then the Briarberg presentation was sufficiently compelling that I wrote and told her (and Stephanie) that I had the intended epiphany, and was ready to get out.

    I never heard back.

    That is, until after the apparent gutting of OSDM, with Jaime’s call and questions. Perhaps their approach is long-term, although their lack of communication — after going to such great lengths to demonstrate their desire to deprogram — seems contradictory.

    You’d think they would at least warn me off the MSE.

    @mike appeared sufficiently entranced by Mason to pro-actively pursue employment. He was, I believe, seduced by a kindred (Shadow) spirit more so than Briarberg itself. He auditioned by engaging in the activity most likely to capture Mr. Silver’s attention.

    Which is why I think Russell is fine. Because @mike would prank but never harm Russell. Never. Mike would tell @russell to lay low and feign having vanished because he needs to appear livid with Mike, and to appear intensely traumatized by the “experience”. That would impress Mr. Silver, perhaps even more than gutting poor Russell.

    And it’s all consistent with @mike getting what he lusts after, embracing his Shadow.

    But….Get what you desire means joining Briarberg? I thought that was OSDM’s sell?

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     Robert Fuller 

    God damnit Mike. I fucking trusted you.

    Trust no one.

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    Ok these questions that he asked… what was Mike digging around for?

    The OOA asked us why we were here. The investors asked us about our level of satisfaction with The Tension Experience. The System asked us what we hated about ourselves. Everywhere we turn, more questions. From Joyce, from Mason, from Morgan. Now tonight, Mike asks Brad what he’s learned and how it’s changed him. As if the experience is over as we know it.

    What was he hoping to get out of tonight? Did you feel like he found what he was looking for @nothenrygale?

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    I know it had been asked before, but given what happened tonight, it’s still relevant. Why did Mike want to sign up with Briarberg? Right now it looks like he’s just going around asking the same questions we’ve heard from them before Not that kidnapping and torturing a friend was worth it before, but it really isn’t worth it to just go be another one of their researchers.

    @lilmsfancpants I don’t think they’re testing as if the experience is over, we know it isn’t, and they’ve been asking similar questions for a while. What you said got me thinking though.

    Mason mentioned that he and/or Briarberg wants to save the world. Our assumption has always been that Anoch is bad (and potentially world ending?). It does look like OSDM, as much as they’ve been coy about it, are trying to bring him back (hey there, promo code). The OSDM wants data on us, presumably to help aid that cause in some way. Back to Briarberg; they’re interested in science, but not normal science. I’d say that using emotion to raise a god could fit into that if you look at it a little funny. Are all of these questions Briarberg has been asking to gauge how close OSDM is to using us and our emotions to bring back Anoch?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I was talking with @larry a bit last night about my meeting and one word came to mind in regards to how @mike was acting: Heartless.

    When he first showed up he seemed like the Mike we all knew. Offered to buy my coffee for me, we chatted about stuff (mostly haunt and car issues related), and he seemed “normal”. As soon as we got outside and sat down he instantly changed. No more was the personable Mike I had met before. He silently pulled out his laptop, and instantly went to work. He brushed off any attempt I had to talk about the video. He simply asked his questions and left.

    He felt empty, like he was just a husk of Mike who was parroting off the questions from his laptop. I left utterly confused about what was going on with him, and of course with no answers about Russell, felt like he can’t be trusted anymore.

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