Call from the man "behind everything" (June 11 2017)

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    OK. just got a no-caller-id call. I think it was Horace? He talked about “his son”

    He wanted to make sure i was able to absorb his message and waited for me to tell him to proceed. I’m a fucking idiot and should’ve asked to record it but i wrote it down as quickly as i could instead. This was super dense and I tried to write everything down, might be missing a couple points, but these are the biggest points.

    He spoke of his son wanting power, manipulating us, of “winding the clock” and “his return in the flesh.” His family owns everything and he is a part of everything.

    “You gave yourself to us because you chose to believe in a lie. You emotionally invested yourself and allowed yourself to be manipulated because it pleased my family…

    You have been given a peek behind the curtain, into the real world. This is furthering the bond of my family, we are a part of everything, we have a piece of everything you own, everything you buy, everything you enjoy.

    …until he returns, this will wind the clock until he comes in the flesh.

    Everyone wants a piece of control. My son grasps for control. But here there are no sides. No factions. I am in all and I am in everything.”

    (Handwritten notes on this link)

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     Julie R Goldstein 



    Was about to post this elsewhere but this is the best place:

    I think all of this fits with what we’ve discussed about Transmutation and the idea of a soul being implanted into a human vessel. Sabrina spoke of the literal return of Anoch today too, no? Today seemed to indicate that what we have now is far beyond seeking oracles to communicate with him; the goal now is to wholly return him in the flesh.

     Buz Wallick 

    Interesting… so us theorizing about their being factions is way off base then. This seems like a hard point away from that line of thinking.

    Horace being in everything makes him the Wizard and the Wicked Wizard. Who will be our Scarecrow, Tin-Man, and Lion?

    I have a pretty good idea who our Dorthy is.


    Ok, so if Horace is behind everything, why were multiple Sinclair’s going out of their way to get people to drop iConfidant and not go today? Are they trying to separate the naive from the strong? The adventurous from the wary? But the endgame (pledge to Anoch) is the same regardless??

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     Haley Wilde 

    So his son could be the man who spoke today (forgot his name)…


    @addisonborn, you write like a doctor. 😉

     Buz Wallick 

    @haleywilde I think he was referring to Noah (his son).


    @haleywilde If it was the man today, his name was Jacob.

     Lukas L 

    @addisonborn did it sound like he wanted Anoch to be summoned in the flesh. It seems he would lose quote a bit of power when Anoch does come back.


    The whole “Anoch coming in the flesh” thing reads like a perversion of the Second Coming of Christ. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t for one second think Anoch actually exists. This whole thing feels like a Scientology-esque cult whose members are indoctrinated from birth (hence the references to family”) and whose head has a lot of money. Some poor sod is probably going to be brainwashed into thinking they’re Anoch in the flesh, when in reality the only power they have is the power we give them.


    I just got this same call. “I know you want to believe in safe harbors but no later what my son thinks there are no factions, etc.” There aren’t right decisions. No one is safe. I’m in the middle of something, I’ll try and get the rest of this down but I believe it’s the same message, word for word.


    I just hope that Anoch ends up being… you guessed it… Frank Stallone.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    Another call – I believe I just received a variation on the call @addisonborn received. It sounded to me like Horace, although he did not identify himself. His tone throughout was almost bored as if he was put upon to even be placing calls to people so below his station in life. To accentuate his boredom, he sighed quite a bit. His message was this, to paraphrase:

    ‘I’m disappointed you and I didn’t get to meet today, Kimberly. I try not to involve myself in “every aspect of everything we do” but I must admit I’m jealous of you and your people… Jealous of your ignorance. Jealous of your ability to not know the things I know.’

    He then thanked me again for coming to the event today and hung up.

     Michael Rizzo 

    Horace sounds sus af

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