Call from Otis 6/3

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    I’ve been at Fringe shows all day and as I was about to head into a show, I got a call from an unknown number. I ran out and it was Otis. This was after his Facebook video.

    He sounded frantic and he said he didn’t know where he was and that his hands were numb. He was somewhere in the hills. I asked him if he needed me to come get him and if I could do anything and the phone went silent and then hung up.

    Then the show started unfortunately and I missed another call. Has anyone else spoken to him?

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    Whaaaaattttt?! Like he lost time? He doesn’t remember posting that? Is he being brainwashed? Possessed? Poor Otis!

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    I don’t think anyone else has heard from him since the video, and as others have mentioned, his Facebook page is gone again.

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    My, what a fetching helmet he must have…

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    Oh my goodness! He must be terrified!!! I wonder where he is now.

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    Wow, not sure I feel too sympathetic though. Did you see his face turn evil at the end of that video? It’s still stuck in my head.

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    “You might not have a choice.”
    I’ve always been of the opinion that no one can truly be entirely a victim of the helmet, if this is indeed that. Some part of you, some secret corner of your mind has to somehow align with what the personality the helmet infuses you with in order for it to take. Otis was a man who had reached the last leg of his life with, apparently, very little to show for it. Alone, poor, jobless, without a firm connection to even the most basic of modern social media. But he was kind, friendly, generous in spite of his low station. He was a 2. And even though he put on a brave face, part of him must have been resentful of that. To have grown up and grown old as his fellow 2’s accrued more and turned into 3’s, 7’s, even 10’s. And then the 10’s started getting younger than him. But he stayed a 2, whether by bad luck, a rigged system, his own bad decisions, or some combination of all of them. Wouldn’t that wear on the best of us? Maybe the helmet is appealing to that hidden part of him. Or maybe there is no helmet. 80% of that Facebook Live post sounded exactly like the Otis we knew. I’ve heard people on here call him cute, helpless, a “Damsel in distress.” He’s always generated strong emotions. But not many of us have given him credit for being a grown man capable of taking care of himself. Maybe he’s just tired. Maybe he’s just finally seen the truth in the system that has kept him down his whole life. 2’s, 10’s, it’s all window dressing. Otis is serving something larger than that now. But he might not have a choice. Might.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Well shit. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire night.

    Due to my own (non-helmet related) medical history, I know too well what it’s like to suddenly find yourself in the middle of a situation, and have no idea how you got there. It’s terrifying. I can only imagine how lost and scared Otis must be right now.

    And if we can get to know him, only to have him phase / helmet in and out of a different, alternate Shadow Otis personality, it raises all kinds of questions about the people we met at The OOA Institute, who they really were, and if we might see them again as this snake eats its own tail.

    @thebuz, in light of Mike’s call I’m adding a Shadow Otis entry to the CL to track the man we saw last night.

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    Otis in the hills? Is it related to the field Tina was talking about in this post?

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     David R. 

    @macbethinabathtub That’s a very insightful thought, and certainly fits in with the larger message that Lust was said to be setting up. Something inside him lusted for more…even if that more was just a better life. A job. Money.

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