Call from Otis – 5/21/17

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     Andrew K 

    Another interesting thing to consider is that, if this was the doing of “THEY,” does Noah even know about it?

    Is Otis working for “them” and Noah, without realizing the two aren’t connected?

    He’s doing certain jobs for THEM and certain jobs for Noah. All the while having this brain….issue…going on and possibly being controlled by THEM whilst doing the jobs for Noah.

    They’re using him to get an insider on Noah’s dirty work to try and stop him perhaps?

     Maxwell R 

    Well, sweet Jesus Christ. Why can’t they just leave the elderly alone?!

     Andrew K 

    Jesus Christ, that George Jones song is seeming REALLY poignant right now….

    I’ve had choices
    Since the day that I was born
    There were voices
    That told me right from wrong
    If I had listened
    No I wouldn’t be here today
    Living and dying
    With the choices I made

    I guess I’m payin’
    For the things that I have done
    If I could go back
    Oh, Lord knows I’d run
    But I’m still losin’
    This game of life I play
    Living and dying
    With the choices I made



    If he’s just a driver for them, it doesn’t make sense for them to give him sensitive information. This is also implied in him “doing things”, which does come across as ominous. Whoever this is knows their system hasn’t been perfected yet because they’ve warned him about sensitive info even though they know he’s not remembering.

    I’m also very interested in why they’ve chosen Otis. If they just didn’t want loose ends, they could have killed him or locked him up after driving Noah around. So it could be because his brain is susceptible to whatever it is they’re doing. Or he has some special set of skills they need. Does anyone know much about Otis’ past? Or they realized his connection to us after he drove Noah around and are using him to get at us in some way.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @kevin There’s also the option that the Otis we know is just a fake persona, much like Addison Barrow. That we’ve fallen in love with a construct or shadow person, and the physical human that we know as Otis is actually somebody else with potentially sinister value.

    Either way, it’s about Twin Peaks time. Catch you all in a few hours.

     Buz Wallick 

    I like how this all gets immediately put on Noah from all his detractors. He can’t be both the unfocused, doesn’t follow through guy and the evil mastermind brainwashing old people and making them do his bidding guy. This is like everyone who said Bush was an idiot but also said he did 9/11. You can’t have both. Pick one or the other.


    @thebuz – Noah was the last person we publicly saw Otis with. Apologies for starting with the obvious link there.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @mike *technically*, the last person we saw him publicly with…was all of us. Are we the baddies?


    @meghanmayhem – The plot thickens!!! 😀


    It’s also possible that after his “one time” job for Noah, he was approached by some sinister organization (🤔) that he assumed were associates of Noah, so he took the job, and he has now been “compromised” and will be used to gather intel on Noah and his known associates (ya know, us?) They know we’re watching and/or supporting Noah. What better way to watch us than through an unassuming, friendly old man…that so many of us are connected with on social media?


    I’m very curious to know what sort of dirty work this organization (using any of the names at this point is feeing increasingly presumptive) would even need done for Otis to be so horrified at the idea of it being carried out by his own hands. Intimidation, torture, worse? What is going on behind the scenes that would require this kind of work, and who is on the receiving end who we apparently haven’t seen yet?

    As for Otis, I’m very sorry to hear this, but it makes sense. Otis, as kind and positive as he always tries to be, is someone who clearly feels the weight of the world on them in an impossible economic situation. Isolated, unsuccessful, and just the right amount of desperate. Just like an aspiring actress we once thought we knew. Otis is the perfect subject because even now he clearly doesn’t have the sense to walk away while he still might be able to. I get the animosity towards Noah because he undeniably was Otis’ entry point into the world, but we don’t know anything beyond that. That, and that what immediately followed was likely still Otis’ choice. @kevin is right, we don’t know much about what brought Otis to the pitiable state that led him to peruse Craigslist one fateful night, but as @anakindrew and the song suggested, maybe he’s paying for the things that he’s done. Up to now Otis has seemed to be an innocent victim of dumb chance. Can we say with absolute certainty that there’s nothing else we need to know?


    I partially think it’s because of all of us that he’s been “chosen”. It’s been shown before that nearly everyone who participated in Tension could be swayed with a damsel in distress, why not a sweet old man? He’s the perfect bait to get all of us in even further.

    And, like @macbethinabathtub said, he was probably as easy target, someone trusting, kind, wants to please others, desperate for a job and for love (I still have a feeling his new girlfriend is in on it). He’s the perfect kind of desperation to reel in on their hook.

     Michael Rizzo 

    I like Noah, but I haven’t “chosen a side” or anything, much like everyone I’m still reading the table with all these people… with that said I’m feeling the cause of otis’ strange behavior isn’t solely Noah. That original ad was a one time only gig, with Otis also not even sure if t was the same guy who hired him against.

    My personal guess is noah hired him for the first gig and cut him loose. Then after learning through this site that Otis was involved, OSDM or “Them” hired him and are causing him to have these blackouts. Blackouts that may actually be real but Otis is only remembering what happened in his dreams.


    Whether it’s Noah or not, connecting the driving job with Noah to Otis’s current condition isn’t a stretch by any means. Don’t forget in the video at the end of the prologue Noah did not distance himself from his dad’s nefarious plans at all, in fact he said he wanted to continue with “business as usual,” which means he’s part of this too. I haven’t interacted with Noah (or anyone, really) but then again maybe having some distance gives me some unbiased perspective. Noah hasn’t wronged me, but he hasn’t tried to charm me either.


    Just got a call from, I believe, the accent man from registration.

    He asked if I spoke to someone earlier under his employ (so we now know who Otis’ (new) boss is). I said yes and he then proceeded to tell me to never try to contact him again and then there was a threat of sorts.

    So…yeah…Sunday Funday!

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