Call from Otis – 5/21/17

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    Hey guys, I just got a call from Otis. He’s starting to worry me.

    The call was from an Unknown number. Otis has called me and texted me before from a 323 area code number. This struck me as odd, but he summed it up for me really quick. The first thing he asked was what number came up on caller id and I told him it came up as “Unknown”. He then told me that they took his old phone and gave him this one and was told that all the information was “too sensitive”. He told me it was just “corporate mumbo jumbo”. I never found out who “they” are, but I’m assuming it might be Noah and crew?

    Ok, so here comes the worrisome part. He told me that he’s been feeling a lot more confused than he should lately. He hasn’t been able to sleep, but when he does, he has nightmares and appears to wake up somewhere else. His nightmares seem real and in them he’s “done things” and when he looks down, they’re his hands doing them. He hasn’t been feeling like himself at all lately and asked if I knew of a psychiatrist. I didn’t, but told him he could always call me whenever he needed to chat.

    So…wtf? Who’s messing with Otis’ mind? Is it Noah? If so, all the #teamnoah people should take a step back and look around. If it’s not Noah, who is it? We last saw him with Noah, so it would make sense if Noah sold him out down the river somehow.

    This also fits in with his Facebook post about seeming to sleep longer than usual. Something is up.

    Is someone implanting memories into his body?
    Is he lucid dreaming?
    Astral projection?
    Is someone controlling his mind?

    To whomever is messing with Otis….

     Bryan Bishop 

    Nobody has ever trusted Noah Sinclair and come out the other side clean. I stand with Otis (and you), @mike.


    His nightmares are real and his hands are doing the actions!? Not good, not good at all.


    What if Otis is lying to you Mike? What if they figured out that a damsel in distress isn’t the way to break you, but a harmless old man with a cheeky smile?

    (This is the most Fontaine-esque thing I ever posted)

     Andrew K 

    I’d like to believe this is just an onset of sudden dementia, given Otis’ age, but I know that’s not true.

    Seems whatever THEY (whoever THEY are- OSDM, Daddy Sinclair, The Investors etc.) did to Otis is finally starting to take affect in very obvious ways.

    @mike – did you ask him what he did in those nightmares? What he saw his own hands doing?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Noah is but one piece in a very complex machine.
    Otis told us at Idle Hour that he had a driving job that next morning (Mother’s Day) and that he assumed it was the same guy, or maybe a friend of his or someone he works with? He didn’t know.
    After that day was when Otis started reporting troubles.
    We don’t know who exactly it was he worked for, but it was definitely when things started to get a bit wacky for him.
    But hey, at least now Otis has excitement in his life! I mean, who HASN’T woken up and stared at their hands muttering “what have I done” once or twice?


    @bcbishop – Well, we don’t know that for sure yet. All the “insiders” still seem to be who they were, so we’ll see. If Noah is involved with whatever is happening to Otis, then we’ll see who stands loyal to whom.

    But with Otis getting messed with…I have a feeling there’s going to be a new immersive show happening called “The Street Justice Experience”. Instead of Periscopes, the videos just end up on World Star

     Andrew K 

    It seems odd to me that Noah wouldn’t hire Otis to drive for him and then do **something** to him (AI implementation, brainwashing, whatever it might be.) and sabotage him like that.

    What I think is more likely is that whoever THEY are found out he was driving for Noah and offered him further/other “employment.”

    Otis didn’t really know who Noah was when he took the driving job. He found it on Craigslist. It would be easy for “THEY” to approach Otis and tell him that Noah worked for them and that they want to “hire him for other things.”

    As @meghanmayhem pointed out, he told us at Idle Hour he had a driving job the following morning, very early, but didn’t know who it was for.

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    @111error – breaking me means taking you all out <3
    @anakindrew – I didn’t get a chance. He was talking pretty fast and wouldn’t really allow time for me to ask a question. When I did, he immediately spoke over it. So I figured he was in a hurry and couldn’t really talk…or maybe he was being watched

     Tim Redman 

    RIP Otis unless the active take action.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @anakindrew Precisely. If you’ll recall, the Craigslist posting very specifically stated “One time transport” and I can’t imagine Noah’s self-appointed babysitters like loose ends.


    This is a disturbing turn of events. @anakindrew, it sounds too specific to be dementia, doesn’t it?
    I have been honest in my opinion of Noah – not trustworthy, or worse. I don’t have personal history with the man the way @bcbishop does. If I did, I would probably hold an even worse opinion of him.

    @mike, I think you met Otis in the “purest form” – before his personal difficulties led to any connection to Noah and crew. If you are concerned, I believe there is valid reason.

    The conversation you relate is just… saddening.

    I really hope to meet the man someday. The friendly guy you encountered weeks and weeks ago.
    Pure Otis.

     Andrew K 

    @russell – I’m afraid “Pure Otis” is a thing of the past now. I doubt any of us will ever meet him.

     Buz Wallick 

    Someone really needs to ask Otis if he’s been discovering any weird bruises to his face? Or if he keeps finding soap or the materials needed to make soap around the apartment.

    Made any new friends lately (single serving perhaps?)

    Is he being forced to remember 10 rules, 2 of which are super important?

    Did he move in with an eccentric guy to an old broken down house on Paper Street?

    If he makes a post telling us that we’re not our fucking khakis I’m going to be very concerned.

     Andrew K 

    @thebuz – is Janice then his Marla Singer?

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