Call from Noah – 7/27

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     Winston Smith 

    @thegilded What Noah is doing is called “grooming”. The nefarious part isn’t when he gives you attention, and tells you he likes you. It’s when he shoves his hands down yer pants, and tells you not to tell anyone about it.

    Remember that. It’s going to be important someday.


    Ah, my mistake. I was not aware that we were now making decisions based off what we think people are going to do. Next time some store clerk makes eye contact for too long I’ll be sure to punch them out because I think they’re going to make an aggressive move.

    Or should I avoid that too? Is your definition of “grooming” so extreme that includes all harmless trips to stores or just harmless trips to stores requested by people you think are big bad men?

     Brad Ruwe 

    Interesting part of Noah’s “interview” here:

    Interviewer: What is that you want?
    Noah: Ultimately, respect.

    Interviewer: And you’re willing to…
    Noah: Anything up to and including complete and total destruction of the status quo.

    Let’s review, shall we? Person after person get a call from Noah Sinclair. Person after person follows through with their task. Person after person continued the status quo.

    Who actually changed the status quo with @maddyxxx‘s little tasks here? Again, small change in a small game. But change has to start small before it can end big.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @nothenrygale and BOS: Refusing to give things to people in need since 2017™.

     Buz Wallick 


    Who actually changed the status quo with @maddyxxx‘s little tasks here? Again, small change in a small game. But change has to start small before it can end big.

    Think about giving someone less fortunate than you the means to feed themselves… that’s a small change that actually means something to the greater world at large. You did nothing but flex muscles that aren’t there.

    At this point I am beginning to think you and other resistance members are trojan horses within the Resistance to rot them from the inside out. Please by all means keep doing what you’re doing. This is an absolute delight.

     Winston Smith 

    Huh? You don’t make decisions based on what you think people are going to do? You don’t wait to step off that curb, because it looks like someone might turn in front of you? Nobody is saying you should punch out anyone who looks at you funny, I’m genuinely perplexed as to how you’d construe that message.

    The contextually correct definition of grooming is:
    2. prepare or train (someone) for a particular purpose or activity.

    Do you think any of that was *at all* about helping a homeless person, or do you think it was about something else? Would that even be consistent with Noah’s actions/statements to date? He just really likes helping people, right? He’s a big softie.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Follow up, since I took another look at my answer to “Why are you a failure” question on my ticket.

    “Giving in to people and organizations I find reprehensible.”

    I didn’t give in to Noah. I didn’t give in to The System.

    Hell, maybe I’m not a “failure” in life after all.


    Perhaps I wasn’t clear. Let me rephrase this. People here bought tickets for The System. The System promises that it’ll teach you things. Now you’re saying that the people ignoring the lessons are doing some great good thing because the leader is a big meanie head who uses bad words?

    Not every lesson is grooming. These are on par with exercise drills or exposure therapy. Casting your weak fears onto the others that are actually ballsy enough to follow through does not legitimize those fears. Exalting the coward is what got we, as a people, into a position where we need The System in the first place.

    You’re presupposing that this is a bad, horrible thing when all I see is a woman who’s faced a fear and a man that helped a homeless person. Your fears are based off a theoretical big bad and you’re ignoring the actual, nontheoretical events to justify it

     Lauren Bello 

    Here’s the question.

    Do you really think the porno mag mission would have warped into a “feed the hungry” mission if it weren’t for Brad’s resistance?

    Chelsea’s first task didn’t have a beneficiary. I’m betting that second task wouldn’t have had one either, if Noah hadn’t needed something to rub in Brad’s face.


    @thebuz You are working off the assumption here that the task you completed was the task originally planned for @nothenrygale – I’m sorry but you have no idea that this is actually the case. Please tell me you don’t believe that it isn’t possible that Noah changed the game to make Brad look foolish and rash.

     Buz Wallick 

    @blondie @daela

    Of course, that question has crossed all of our minds but regardless of how Brad’s interaction would have played out (I personally think it was going to be the same thing since they had @chelsea also do it) it was a positive venture.

    Perhaps maybe I’m just not as big a cynic to think Noah was just going to have Brad buy some mags to embarrass him.

     Winston Smith 

    No, that’s approximately zero percent what I am saying. If someone tells me to stand in the street, choosing not to do that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to streets, or standing. It means, “Hey, someone is telling me to stand in the street. That’s a little fishy, I wonder what their motivation is? Are they trying to help me, or hurt me? Maybe I should, you know, evaluate this situation.”

    Do you think I’m trying to tell you streets are bad? No, that would be dumb.

    Do you think I’m trying to tell you that standing is bad? Nope.

    I’m trying to tell you that if you keep standing right where you are, you’re gonna get hit by a fucking truck. In that last split second, as you turn to face your fate, all will become clear, as you remember “Ohhh, that’s why I shouldn’t stand in the street.”

    In that moment, will you look back, and thank Noah for asking you to stand there, or will you feel like maybe you should have made your own choices about where you stand?


    “Chelsea’s first task didn’t have a beneficiary.” is exactly what makes you wrong about the entirety of this. You’re all looking at this as though humanitarianism is the primary goal. It’s not. The goal is to better the people involved in The System. The beneficiaries are the ones performing the actions, themselves. For Chelsea, that meant being less guarded, and understanding that people are reasonable and less judgmental than she thought. For Brad, that meant that inconsequential people’s opinions on your actions don’t matter.

    When Brad failed, and he absolutely did fail, Buz was brought in to complete the task simultaneously for himself and to show the others what the risks are here – entry or banning from The System. Now Buz already doesn’t give that much of a shit as to what people think of him so Noah tacked on the end to help someone else in lieu of the fact that Buz didn’t need this lesson.

    Brad’s mission was “do things bravely” and he failed. Buz’s mission was “show the failures that they failed” and he succeeded. “Feed the homeless” was just tacked on at the end as ANOTHER good thing.

    @winstonsmith – I’d cede your ramblings as valid points if not for the fact that we literally signed up for these lessons. We literally paid US currency to be taught what Noah has to teach us. You’re hinging this all based off a danger that you have no proof of. You’re implying that following Noah’s actions are evil and bad but you A: are basing this off of what, as far as I can tell, are just the fuckin’ heeby jeebies and B: are trying to dissuade people from a class THEY WANT.

    This is the equivalent of going into a college classroom and jerking off the guy who didn’t do his homework because the professor looks shifty. You’re not a hero, you’re not a leader, you’re just being the guy that people are annoyed by when they’re trying to take notes.

     Brad Ruwe 

    To be fair @winstonsmith, this wasn’t an instruction to stand in the middle of the street. It was an instruction to buy dirty mags. Was I in danger with this task? Not at all. Was it truly meant to help me? Maybe, but I don’t see how. Was it a power play to make me a pawn to the OSDM? More likely.

    If what I did today was a “mistake” I take full responsibility for that. But if this was a means to make me submit, I don’t submit to just anyone. I submit to those I respect. And I have no respect for Noah. So am I bending the knee to his System? Not unless they can gain my respect.


    Can someone, ANYONE, please point me to anything, just one single thing, that shows The System wants to help people rather than just exploit them for money and data and fun?
    If good things happen, that is either done to prove a point or a happy accident… I have much more respect for someone helping out the homeless off their own back, than because Noah fucking Sinclair told them to in order to make someone else look bad… That isn’t an attack on you @thebuz, I know you’re a lovely human being and would gladly help someone in need without being told to, I’m just making a wider point that your situation helps to illustrate.
    If you don’t question the motives, then you’re walking into this blindly and that is dangerous.

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