Call from Nancy Jenkins (Andy's mom) 5/27

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     Buz Wallick 

    Until we have more information I would highly suggest NO ONE travels to the warehouse, alone or otherwise.

    Andy should serve as an extreme warning to anyone thinking of following actors or complaining openly on the boards.


    I should have clarified when I say “someone” I meant the authorities! Hopefully they are doing everything they can for @nancyjenkins.

    We can (and I believe have) provide information to lead to his recovery.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    What “authorities” though? Last year it was heavily suggested the police were paid off/corrupted by the OSDM/Clockmakers/et al. Hiring a PI also proved fruitless. We can’t exactly call 911… How would we ever explain this? They’d just send us to investigations and there again we run into the problem of corruption. Even if some variety of law enforcement appears here on the forum, how can we trust that they too aren’t in on it? I feel we might be @confuseddude‘s only hope. We’ve already supplied @nancyjenkins with everything we do know, but it’s seeming like all else we can do is sit here, just waiting for an opportunity to appear (or a body). I’m sure not trying to mock your ideas. On the contrary, I value your input quite a lot. If you have a suggestion it could be very helpful @shaun. I’m just drawing a blank.


    @electrichippo I agree the only thing we can do is wait. It is in the hands of @nancyjenkins and the authorities she had contacted. Ideas of what she can tell the authorities and how they can help is all we can contribute.

    I didn’t know about the paid off authorities angle from last season thanks for the background.


    I know there was some talk about the Facebook but…
    Andrew jenkins facebook has an interesting status post, though I don’t know how old it is. I only have two Lusters in common with said fb account. Could be completely irrelevant.
    “Got a job at that resturaunt. I’m finally an actor.”


    @theladyj he talked to us at the bar about it. He was a barback at a new restaurant/bar opening up.


    Oh snaps. But the actor part? Unless actor barbacking, themed and such.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Being an actor is honestly not that sus. Plenty of us are actors, writers, production crew, etc. LA is the town for that.

     Nicole Mae 

    It’s sarcastic. Isn’t there a long standing joke in LA about actors?

    X: What do you do for work in LA?
    Y: I’m an actor.
    X: Ohhh, so you mean you’re a waiter **snickers**


    Exactly what @maenicole said. It was said sarcastically.


    Hahaha yeah.look at what they did to lawrence with his characters lawfirm. Seeing an opportunity and they took it!

    The timing is perstine, especially in this time of uncertainty and entendre.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Well, they didn’t do anything I didn’t approve of. And just to clarify, I was a mere associate at Klein & St. Jude (a crisis PR Firm, not a law firm, Jackie. Tsk.), before recently leaving to start my own. I got uncomfortable when I learned the partners were in a relationship.


    Tsk indeed! @larry
    *slaps my own wrist*

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