Call from Nancy Jenkins (Andy's mom) 5/27

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    I just received a phone call from Andy’s mom! I sent her an email expressing concern for Andy and telling her she can reach out if she needs to talk or finds out anything.

    She was frantic and afraid and asked if I knew her son. She said “what did I just watch?” “Is this a prank?” I told her I don’t think this is a prank and that I recognized two people in the video as Horace Sinclair and Otis Fletcher. I told her he was following a man named Noah and that I had no idea what that ritual was about! She asked if she could give my number to the authorities. I was so nervous and caught off guard by that question so I said yes I can be a witness to these events if you need help. She said yes I need help I will give your number to the authorities. Then I believe she thanked me and said goodbye.

    I’m shaking. I’m so nervous from getting this phone call. I really hope Andy is ok!! Like I told Nancy, I may not have known Andy for long bUT this community is family! 🙁 please be OK @confuseddude 🙁


    Oh wow. I hope @confuseddude turns up soon!


    Didn’t something like this happen with someone at work during tension?

    I swear I remember distinctively hearing Graham and @nking saying something like “Yeah, can you believe so and so got in some random car? Crazy, he didn’t show up for work for like 3 days in a row”…

    I distinctively remember the exact line that made me think it was a real cult back then (my blindly coming into tension without any info or idea what it was except hearing it was an extreme haunt i had to try). That was the line. My instincts took over and my brain said “Tyson, what have you gotten into? Who the fuck would be so into a play/haunted house that they would be missing for days from work and crawl into random vehicles? These people are way to dedicated for it to be fiction.” It appeared to me in the moment that these people were almost as dedicated at the dude that lured me into a completely different but real cult by saying he had a short film on anxiety that he was screening (Scientology knew i’d give in when the guy said he was just trying to get people to watch the short film he directed).

    So, it appears even more so that this entire thing is re-digesting itself even further.


    @pandace88 If you do get a call from the authorities, you may want to try to vet them. During Ascension they implied that they had elevated people in law enforcement.


    Wow @pandace88 that was so fast! You did the right thing. If Andy is in danger she’ll need someone who can be the liaison to the group. We are all ready to help find @confuseddude and are brainstorming ways to look for him.

    @meghanmayhem you better have some choice words for @maddyxxx if he surfaces. This is a really shitty way of “helping” us. He’s got some ‘splaining to do.


    @kasch that is true, nothing illegal was happening except probably Andy’s stalking but I assumed she was contacting the authorities more as a missing persons thing. She probably needs a PI rather than police!

     Andrew Kasch 

    @pandace88 Um…remember what happened to the last PI?


    Oh dang. This is wild!


    @kasch oh right .. awkward moment…

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Andy’s mom can’t file a missing persons report until he’s been missing at least 24 hours as far as I know.
    And the only thing that video proves is that he stalked someone and trespassed on private property and that may not bode well for him with the authorities.
    Sorry for your worry @nancyjenkins, and I hope you hear from him soon.
    For what it’s worth, I heard some of his friends were kind of jerks to him recently and playing pranks on him. Noah reached out to him and offered him an opportunity to get on a track with better people and a more focused life, maybe he’ll resurface a stronger person in the long run. 😉

     Brad Ruwe 

    Dang! Yeah, hoping @confuseddude is ok. He may have rubbed some people the wrong way lately, but he is one of us. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.


    Man, I tried to warn him to stop following. He wouldn’t listen! I really hope he’s just getting a firm talking to and not worse…


    Couldn’t the police investigate the possible dead girl on the floor with blood on her face? I think LAPD might take possible sex slave/human trafficking pretty seriously?!

     Hannah Schenck 


    @nancyjenkins Hoping he is found safe and soon! <3


    @shankfx22 he’s 30?!

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