Call from Mason – October 17, 8:26pm

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    Just got another call from Mason.

    I pick up, and after a brief silence – “What’s your favorite book?” After Dark by Murakami. “Murakami. Hmm. Why don’t you read me your favorite part?”

    I tell him I need to find my copy and ask how his day’s going. “Hmph. Busy.” Lotta people to see? no response.

    I start reading him one of my favorite parts that also seemed a little appropriate for what’s going on right now. Chapter 13, a brief calm in the storm while we learn a bit more about our characters. They share backstories, perspectives on life, it’s where we’re given permission to care about these people deeply before shit goes sideways.

    Partway through, he starts reading the next passage back to me. “hhm. it’s a good choice.”

    I ask his favorite book, no response.

    “What’s your favorite song?”

    I think for a minute, and tell him it’s Cigarette Lighter Love Song. He asks me to play it for him, I fumble trying to get it to play on my phone before going to my computer.

    We listen to the whole track, and he asks me a “Very Important Question: What shampoo do you use?”

    I used to use Shea Moisture, but switched to a “fiber and bamboo” shampoo because I like the added texture.

    “….texture. When’s your birthday?”

    You have my file. You should know this.

    “Isn’t it a lot more polite to ask?”

    December 1st.

    “hmm. 1989?”



    I ask if he’s gonna get me anything. He asks who I live with. I live with my wife, he asks if he can speak to her. She is not comfortable talking to this man. He’s silent, I tell him he can talk to my dog if he wants.

    He tells me to find someone to talk to – Chelsea’s up for it.

    They catch up, Chelsea mentions his busy schedule.

    Mason eventually breaks the small talk. “Want to know something? You make me very sad.”

    He asks me to continue reading ahead. He likes the book, especially the next part. It’s a description of how one of the main character’s mothers died of breast cancer when he was 7, and his father was in prison on fraud charges.

    “That’s a good place to stop. I wanna hear you comb your hair.” Chelsea agrees, they choose the thick brush. I brush for a couple minutes, ask if we’re good, he says keep going. I brush my hair for another 5 minutes.

    “Mason, you good?” no response.

    Chelsea: “Did he hang up?”

    Dude hung up.

    Yes I recorded this, enjoy:

    I hope this plays, it’s giving me an error saying “you must download” thing but I’m unable to do a soundcloud upload at this moment.

    “Walk slowly; drink lots of water.”

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Jesus Christ

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    Err… Was there a point to all of that?

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    I just listened to Addison brush his hair for like 7 minutes. That happened.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Troll level: Over 9000

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    So basically he spent 20 minutes breathing heavily, sniffling, creating uncomfortable one-sided conversations, answering nothing, and then hanging up on you.
    Yeah, I definitely see what all the fuss is about.
    Charming stuff.

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    If anything, this kinda confirms that he has/still has our files, no?

    And why does Chelsea make Mason sad?

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    Maybe she reminds him of the time he offed the mother of his child??

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    The moment when you realize he’s hung up…bahahahahaaa!!! Mason & his troll flirting, I swear.

    As far as why @chelsea makes him sad, the only thing I can think of is she reminds him of Joyce?? Or that somehow she hasn’t given him the reaction he was looking for/expecting in their encounters??

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