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    I was so close to asleep. Hopefully I get this right. It was Mason, no one else calls me after midnight and after I got out of bed and into the other room we chatted for a bit.

    He asked how I’d been and I’d said stressed. I told him about my deadline tomorrow which is basically all I’ve been doing and that once I hand my file in I’d be going out for drinks with some of the other assistant profs on campus who are in the same boat as me. He wanted to know where we’d be going. I asked why, he wouldn’t say. So…I said they were choosing between Groveland Tap and Bottle Rocket.

    He said “you’re afraid you’re not wanted there?” meaning Macalester. I said yes.

    He said I might have a little competition from a blonde. She said something – and I should hear this – I am going to get this wrong, I know it. “anyone can be useful if they…remember what their talents are?” I think that’s what it was.

    Also – I think he was referring to @blondie – so…@blondie?

    He said “but you’ve never minded a little competition, have you Megan?”

    He mentioned that he had a list of names and addresses and a lot of work to get through and would talk to me soon – wouldn’t tell me what the names and addresses were for.

    I should probably just stop asking questions.

    So, Mason, if I have this wrong…it’s late and I’m not quite awake and I think I’m getting sick. 🙁

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    Names and addresses… That sounds great.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    This is just spitballing here but…often when they refer to a blonde, they are speaking of Sabrina. Could he be insinuating that Sabrina is your competition in some facet? Sabrina wants revenge from Mason for Joyce and you want his attention (affections? IDK).
    Perhaps you can be useful to him by using your talents to best Sabrina as she tries to get to him.
    Again, wild theorizing here.

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    I’m torn. Like I’m really happy for you that he called @coryphella, I know you’ve been waiting… But at the same time, I do worry.

    And I doubt he’s referring to me (I nearly choked on my coffee reading that part). I’m hardly competition to anyone. You’re the one he calls regularly while I’m the girl he said he would call, but never did ? As for talents, I don’t know that I have any. Apart from maybe writing? I’ve been working on getting my Lust blog back up and running, but life stuff keeps getting in the way… But it’s probably Sabrina he is referring to and your talents rather than hers.

    Now it’s my turn to say it:
    Be careful Megan ❤
    Sabrina is clearly a formiddable foe.

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    Now it’s my turn to say it:
    Be careful Megan

    No no – this is the week we say that to @bcbishop. Those are the rules.

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    There seems to be several references to the strengths (or “talents”) of individual participants going on.

    @coryphella and @blondie, you gals got me thinking.

    Mason brings up the talent comments made earlier? We are all valuable if we remember what are talents are? After Joyce spoke with me in person, she followed up with a phone call stating that I would need some skill I have used in my past. (If Sabrina considered Joyce a close friend… does she know what Joyce had in mind for me… and will Sabrina expect me to utilize that at some point?) Mason and Joyce were connected. Mason is bringing up the “talents” of those involved.

    Perhaps placing the power with @bcbishop the way Sabrina did… maybe that was to test how he would utilize his management skills? Or maybe it was a test of some other kind?

    That list of names and addresses Mason carries could be a list of those he thinks might be useful to him in specific ways. That does not sound like the thinking of a crazed lunatic, that sounds methodical and logical. Observing Mason actions, logic makes him even more intimidating.

    I know this is half-baked… but I am loosely connecting dots that seem to be leading to theme.

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    @russell – no, he is not a crazed lunatic, at all. Again, something I’ve been saying for weeks now.

    I have a feeling I know what his call was in reference to.

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    Mason is many things, a crazed lunatic is not one of them. Maybe the names and addresses have something do do with the 91?? Or they’re our names & addresses, preparing for something?? As far as the talents/usefulness comment…I recall that being said elsewhere recently, but I can’t remember by whom. I’m sure it’ll come relevant at some point here soon.

    @coryphella I’m glad he finally called.

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