Call from Mary – 10/9

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    I was just about to leave work when I got a call. It was a woman on the other end that sounded very frightened. She started off by telling me that I didn’t know her but she knew me. She was one of the ones that was inputting my data. She would listen to the podcasts and read the forums and would put all of that into the computer.

    She said that she’s running and isn’t sure where to go. They’re up to 11 or 12 at this point. She said she’s never been to Paris and has a daughter named Samantha that she hasn’t spoken to in 8 years.

    She ended the call by saying “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” and the phone went dead (but there was a weird sound right before it)

    The pencil pushers are being dealt with…one by one. It feels like they know he’s coming and that their fate is inevitable at this point.

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    But why call you? Why reach out to participants? Is there a way we can help them? What other point is there to call us besides to just feed us information about the numbers?

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    “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

    What in the world could she be apologizing for?

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      She may just think this is karma for having done the bidding of the OSDM, my best bet.

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      Purely speculating but maybe she’s feeling guilt for harvesting @mike‘s data. Maybe at some point she knew she was in an ethical/moral dilemma and continued doing the thing. She’s feeling sorry for something.

      Or she’s fucking with @mike for EI.

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    She mentioned that she felt that she had a close relationship with “me” based on everything she was inputting into the computer. I’m not sure if she was “assigned” to me or not, but it sounds like she might have been. She said she had nowhere left to run, so I’m not sure if that was a prompt for me to help her or not. I’ll just give her @bcbishop address since he wants to save everyone

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     Bryan Bishop 

    You joke, @mike, but if you cared you could do a lot more than just throw up a disinterested post on the forums. You could try to, yaknow, actually help instead of rah rahing Mason.

    Did it sound like she was going to Paris? Are there any participants located there that could help?

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      @bcbishop it’s a good thought BUT if she goes to a participant’s domicile then the participant is in danger as well as Mary. She needs to go to a third party who can offer safety.

      Not sure if this is even a thing but can she call sanctuary at a church?

      Or seek asylum at an embassy? Just tossing ideas out there.

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      So…how long until one of us is sheltering a former OSDM employee?

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       Robert Fuller 

      I’ve got a spare couch.

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    I’m not sure how safe Europe will be. Although there hasn’t really been any mention of European offices of the OSDM, Sabrina tried to hide out in Switzerland (during the Book of Anoch periscopes) and they seemed pretty hot on her tail… Saying that, I have a spare room and a pretty sassy cat if anyone can reach me and needs protection.

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    @bcbishop – just because we don’t agree on things doesn’t mean I’m not doing my best to help

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     Kyle Bown 

    Yowza. Well, the girlfriend is out of town for a week starting tonight. I have a spare bedroom and a queen size air mattress. Just saying.

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    @kortneydarling, in another thread I mentioned that it would be possible participants might be contacted for help as Mason continues his “work” and moves through the list. If all this data on us is out there, then who knows who is able to reach each and everyone one of us at any time?

    To me, the odd thing is that she would give @mike any indication of her intentions to flee the country. That seems risky. Not sure if this might be some kind of test for Mike to see what his reactions might be to someone calling for help? @chelsea… she might be apologizing for making any connection with a participant out of panic, because it could lead someone directly to Mike.

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