Call from Kristen.. I think? 6/5 8:18pm

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    I was napping before venturing out tonight, I was pretty comfortable and could have done with another half hour, when the phone rings. I am still waking up while typing this.

    I mumble out a “Hello?”
    “Parlor tricks? Pffft, Do you believe me now?”

    Kristen is mocking Stacey’s public statement. I say that she looked pretty stressed in that video.

    “Are you planning on going on the 11th?”
    “Yes. If I’m invited.”


    So, there’s thaaaaaaaat.. We know that Stacey was lying to me about everything being fine over there at iConfidant, and that Kristen has proven to be correct more often than she’s betrayed me at coffee dates..

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    Boy, they just won’t let you rest! I can’t say I’m surprised though. This whole thing on the 11th sounds very sketchy and I’d be wary of attending if I were you.

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    What was her inflection when she said “don’t.”?

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     Lauren Bello 

    Interesting change of tone from her last phone call, when she appeared to be desperate and frightened. No “Why haven’t you left the state yet,” no explanation about how her last call got cut off by a mysterious male voice…just annoyed orders?

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @111error has become Drake.
    “I know when that hotline bling, it can only mean one thing…”
    The ladies sure do love calling you during your naps, showers, etc.

    Anywho…Kristen’s vagueness is so frustrating.
    “They didn’t find what they were looking for”
    “Don’t go on the 11th”

    Can she PLEASE just say something clear. “Don’t go because they’ll lock you in a freezer and steal your wallet.”


    …you still going?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    So do we all now agree about Sunday?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @111error So we know that Stacey was most likely lying to us saying that everything is fine with a metaphorical gun to her head, and now Kristen has solidified that by warning you against going. A part of me wonders if her “Don’t” is a taunt, I guess that would depend on her tone of voice. Either way, this makes me want to test fate and go despite the warning lol

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    @chrysalis359 I’m definitely wary now. Also, since Kristen has been fired, she might be checking this forum now to see our reactions she wasn’t allowed to see before. That warning was likely for more than just me.

    @kortneydarling The way you’d tell a stranger not to try and kiss you outside a bar.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @meghanmayhem And keep you from pulling out your hair? What fun would that be 😉

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    When @meghanmayhem asked Noah if she needed to be afraid of iConfidant, he told her she didn’t need to be afraid of anything. What does Kristen know that Noah doesn’t? I’ll wager you should go find out, @111error.

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    @daela Yeah, no time to chat, just a clear warning to impart.. Maybe she has no knowledge of the last call being hijacked?

    @meghanmayhem Pffft, if I did that I’d just be showing how easily lured by danger and warnings I am.
    ….. Yes I’m going.

    @shankfx22 If it is a taunt, it worked, but fuck knows what we’re walking into.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    I’ll be rolling in on the 11th with ya @111error 😉

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    It’s all still Socratic. Epistemology. The study of knowledge. Just because we may believe Kristen that we’d be walking into danger, or believe Stacey that everything’s fine (ha,) we don’t know anything until we go and find out for ourselves.

    A strong belief in something doesn’t make it the truth.

    So obviously I’m with you too, @111error.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @wanda102 Generally I’d agree with you, but you also have to work from PRIOR knowledge. You need to learn from the past. Sure, we may not know for sure if it’s a trap, but we have enough pointing to it likely being a trap. Just as you don’t KNOW for sure if you’ll die or not from jumping from a tall building, you have enough knowledge of similar situations to know the likely outcome.

    As much as I’d love to join everyone on the 11th, unless my iConfidant somehow convinces me to go, I’m gonna stay home and have a movie day with some great people.

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    I was more using the 11th as an example to describe epistemology than anything. But I wonder tho @nothenrygale…how are you going to find any answers if you don’t ask questions?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @wanda102 You can find answers by other means than walking into obvious traps.

    Like sending others into obvious traps instead. Have a good Sunday @111error!

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    THANKS @nothenrygale ..

    I’ve learned a lot about myself these last few years, and that I don’t take warnings as seriously as I should is definitely one of those lessons.

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    Has anyone heard from their confidants very recently? As wary as reasonable parties want us to be, I am only more intrigued.

    Come to my parlour said the spider to the fly.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Actually @theladyj I’m glad you mentioned this because I noticed today that my iconfidant has not opened my email in three days… My email is usually opened several times a day by them, as I wait days for a reply. Something is definitely happening to alter that pattern

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    @shankfx22 If iConfidant is indeed holding our emails, it might not be your confidant that is opening your messages several times daily (or not doing so, as the case may be).

    It could also mean iConfidant is changing their usual holding pattern for some reason. Do they want us to think our confidants are ignoring us so we’ll have a reason to go to the meet up on the 11th…?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @izryn They could very well be holding out until then as a way to get us eager and itching to meet them

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