Call from Noah – 7/22

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    @taysavestheday is at Comic-Con but just received a call from Noah:

    Noah was reviewing Taylor’s application for The System and said that if he’s “in it to win it,” he needs to prove it. Taylor wrote something to the effect of “I don’t fail, I succeed,” and Noah said he needed to prove that to him. He asked Taylor how old he was and when he answered, Noah told him he needed to take better care of himself. Noah then asked Taylor to write out his obituary for him and post it because he was “about to take a shit and needed some light reading.”

    Taylor’s obit is as follows:
    Taylor Winters was a champion of knowledge, progress, and innovation. He changed the face of modern medicine starting in 2015 with his work on the Evolut PRO heart valve. He found his true calling when he put his energies towards data collection and trend forecasting. While his involvement in these projects remained largely a mystery, even to those close to him, he was always happiest being able to “control the future,” as he often said. He never married, is survived by his 12 children, and of course, made some enemies in his lifetime–but no one can say Taylor did not get the job done. Taylor changed the world and left a lasting impression on all those who met him.

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    Well said, Taylor. I look forward to the newspaper clipping. 😉

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    Did you also pick out a picture we can put on Milk Cartons and Missing posters? @taysavestheday

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    Bye, Taylor. It was nice knowing you!

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    @kevin reached out and let me know that it was actually Noah that called not Horace.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Taylor is gonna die, y’all.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Add me to the list of calls.

    Look for one or multiple Periscopes from me in the next 89 minutes.

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    @larry so help me god.

    …bring the puppet.

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Well, look at Noah pulling all the strings…

    This is almost…cult like.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Oh, he’s not pulling the strings, @kasch

    I am.

    Stay tuned — another Periscope coming in the next half hour.

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     Lawrence Meyers 
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    @taysavestheday that was BEAUTIFULLY said! Haha but please don’t die. Who will help me solve puzzles?! Lol ?

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