Call from ??? – 3/21

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    Here’s the call from last night. I finally figured out the forum login situation.

    “Drinks with the Creator? Are you serious? Life is about to get a lot more complicated. Do you understand? You will not see Darren again. Do you understand?”

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Strap in folks, we’re not done here.

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    There is no done. There is only pain?

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    While it has been quiet, I’ve been thinking about this more. No one knew where we were that night. Was there a spy in the bar? Was it connected to the people who were following Morgan before? If so, what does that say about Morgan’s exit? Why would they still be following him if he was out? Is he actually out? What if they won’t let him leave? I guess it could also be that they are just keeping tabs on him for just awhile? But the call wasn’t about Morgan. He didn’t bring up Morgan at all. The focus was DLB. Morgan being followed connected to a call about DLB? That’s weird.

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     Kyle Bown 

    I’m wondering if DLB isn’t being followed and that’s how they knew where you were, what you were doing, and when to call you. They’re keeping tabs on him. Watching their investment or distraction or whatever it is he’s actually doing for them.

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