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    HiB said she was ON the panel yesterday watching a “puppet pretending he was a puppeteer”. Seems like she’s inferring DLB at the ScareLA panel.

    Interesting choice of words, “on the panel”.

    I wasn’t there but anybody see a female hostess at that panel?


    @mkarrett No, the panel was hosted by Brian Sapir. The rest of the people on the panel were Justin Fix, Paul Millet, Jon Braver, and John Dobrenick. The front row or two were a lot of Tension/Lust people.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Another potential take while we’re at it: what if Stephanie wasn’t brought in to cover for this post. (Truthfully, one would think the real PTB would lean on that premise a bit more if that’s what their play was.)

    What if Stephanie Hyden instead broke ranks, and either gave incriminating information to the HiB, or enabled her to move forward in the first place? What if the HiB Twitter account was protecting Stephanie, rather than Stephanie protecting the real PTB?

     Buz Wallick 


    Now that is some 3 days of Condor shit right there.

    This is spinning so fast it’s creating an alternative energy resource.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Stephanie and I normally text frequently. She NEVER ignores a specific emoji text I send.

    I have sent two of these since noon. I have also sent a text asking if she is okay and to use a particular phrase if she is.

    No reply.

    So listen well. I know you’re always watching.

    Stephanie Hyden is under my protection.

    Anything — ANYTHING — untoward that befalls her will be visited upon you tenfold.

    Followed by me performing a living fucking autopsy on you.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @larry Do you think @mamatato should ask when she gets her call tonight if it’s Stephanie?

     Andrew Kasch 

    If anything happens to Stephanie, I think it’s safe to say that BoS will be the least of OSDM’s problems.


    Wild thought:

    Stephanie X HiB, ship? Even platonic friend-ship? Threatening that, or the bitter end of it, Could spin anything out into a wild ‘unknown consequences’ place. It could be keeping in a theme, like how Kristen betrayed Stacy.

    If very impossible, disregard. <3


    @larry I’m worried that your power alone won’t be enough to protect her from the grubby fingers of the OSDM when they’re intent on getting what they want.


    We’d be the LEAST of their problems? Oooh, that might just be a turn of phrase, but we can be a lot more trouble than that gives us credit for..

    Stephanie is well known and loved, but no one is going to be intimidated by internet tough guy routines on here, least of all the kind of people who would actually go after her. Breathe deep everyone, save your strength for when we’ll need it.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    @maranda and @111error

    Internet tough guy routine. Hmm…

    See these guys?

    Someone you know might have had a hand in their story going wide.

    It might explain why that same person has their phone numbers in his cel phone.

    There is no strength to be saved because nothing else matters more.

     Winston Smith 

    @111error. It’s rarely a bad idea to allow your opponents to underestimate your capabilities.

    Don’t argue with them about how capable you are. Punish them for not knowing.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    @winstonsmith Ulysses. Circe.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Stephanie has replied to my texts, but they are vague and out-of-character for her.

    I remain concerned, but there does not appear to be anything suggesting imminent threat to her safety.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Well, at least she appears unharmed. Otherwise @111error was about to get a whole lot more recruits.

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