big happy timez

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    Get all the guys or chicks with all of some extreme $$$.

    STOP being ugly!

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     Tom Hite 

    Not sure where to put this, so I’ll just stick it here: That clock, tho’. Four hands? The number four? That numeral was not Roman.

    Check it:

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    I don’t know… what time *is* it right now?

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    @prufrock5150 Someone else pointed out that the clock is from a stock image and wasn’t created specifically for the site, but who’s to say Sinclair and his team haven’t appropriated it to send a message of their own?

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    Enter ME

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     Taylor Winters 


    A song composed by artificial intelligence? This is truly interesting. Seems similar to people being replaced by AI theories.

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    And the song is called Mr. Shadow! Interesting @maddyxxx @taysavestheday

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    So the same song posted in three places on the forums. Saying first “Enter me” then “Enter ME” then “Truth”. Just the random link description gibberish of a spam not, or something more?

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