Are We Eating Our Own… Tale?

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    (From Slack)
    Here’s a thought…

    “You have the power to make fantasy reality”
    “You are food”
    “I try to stop, and they stop me”
    “We _wanted_ Horace to be killed”
    “It lives, and breaths, and continues whether you interact, or someone else does”
    ”Tension, Lust cease to live without them”

    _We_ are “Them”. _We_ are The Creators.
    We create the story. They bring it to life. We gobble it up. Rinse. Repeat. We are eating our own… tale.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Yep. Good catch. By repeatedly coming back to Skyfall we kept the OOA alive and kept everyone there.
    As I said in my other post, CS and DLB manifest everyone and everything from their thoughts.

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    (Moving over from Slack)
    That’s…really really good. We want The Experiences. Where there’s a want for something, a service is usually provided, DLB and Clint are essentially just providing that service. In a horribly disturbing way, but providing it nonetheless.

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