Any Expert On Diabete ?

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     Michel Rheault 

    I just receive a e-mail from Sarah Sinclair warning participants than Noah is at the hospitable due to diabete. What i find suspect is than conspirational thinking is listed among the possible symptom of a hypoglycemie fit. How convenient would it be for someone wanting to commit a coup to put any resistances from Noah part as paranioac diabete induced delirium.

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     Stephanie schultz 

    I have family members who have diabetes and this doesnt sound like any of the usual symptoms at all. I think they are trying to silence noahs resistance

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    Symptoms of high blood sugar can mimic alcohol intoxication. People have been arrested for DUI that have been later proven to be suffering from acute insulin imbalance. As a metabolic disease, it can effect your mood as well. As for erratic behaviour, I don’t know if you’re sort of drunk and hungry, would that come off as bizarre behavior?

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    When I worked at Kaiser as a ward clerk I can tell you that when a patient had low blood sugar, that’s not time to fuck around. Orange juice and graham crackers STAT. The patient could easily have an emergency situation very quickly with hypoglycemia.

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    Absolutely not an expert, but I had an uncle that died from diabetes as he didn’t take care of it at all. He never drank alcohol but when things went south with his blood-sugar you’d defiantly think otherwise. This article describes symptoms I’ve seen before. Drunk-vs-intoxicated, how can you tell

    Could be a cover-up, could be a story line we didn’t anticipate. Thought provoking regardless.

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     Miki M 

    I’m a nurse with two decades of experience. Some of the listed symptoms are common without treating alterations in blood glucose levels.
    When managed, you would not see those symptoms.
    Some of those symptoms listed are an absolute and utter stretch in the absence of pre-existing mental illness being exasperated by an alteration in blood glucose.

    Seems more like an attempt to retcon previous behavior and proactively brace us for his future behavior(s) as well as provide a method of concealment of a major mental health issue (or substance abuse).

    If he were having such a severe reaction to his blood glucose level, it would be unlikely that he would be capable of reaching out to anyone.

    I’ll type more when I’m not on my phone, if needed.

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     Miki M 

    Sorry, my brain inserted more than one exaggerations since I was about to present on a conference call. Specifically a stretch: conspiratorial thinking.

    All of the others happen when a blood glucose is way out of whack, but that alone (being way out of whack) is only common when you’re undiagnosed or have some other condition that is actively fucking with your ability to regulate your glucose levels.

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      @mikim thank you for sharing your expertise! 🙂

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     Michel Rheault 

    And now Noah have gone missing (just saw the ”wanted poster” on moustachemax instagram account). Something rotten in the Sinclair household.

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     Miki M 

    Let’s try this again (I should never post from my phone while completely multitasking):
    Most of the listed symptoms can happen when there is an alteration in someone’s blood glucose and it is not treated.
    One of those symptoms is *highly* uncommon in the absence of a pre-existing mental health issue: Conspiratorial thinking. (not to say it does not happen, it’s just REALLY uncommon).
    When diabetes is managed, you will not see most of these symptoms.
    When a blood glucose is way out of whack, you will see the stranger of the symptoms on that list.
    It is not common for a blood glucose to be this out of whack except in the cases of: new diabetics, DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), other underlying major systemic illness, etc.
    When someone comes in with a crazy blood sugar, they get treated. If they are a new diabetic, they get diagnosed after a workup. They are then given LOADS of diabetic teaching and their blood sugar is regulated and a treatment regimen is worked out before they are discharged. HENCE, it would be very very unlikely, unless he just disregards everything they taught him and/or prescribed him, that he would experience these symptoms again. Which seems to contradict how Sarah described him in the notification.

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    I was just signing on to talk about this and see you smart people have already been discussing it. Seems like there may be some truth to the claim. Maybe it’s a convenient time for Sarah to use this information.

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     Miki M 

    As I mentioned in the news release thread:
    Before he started acting intoxicated, he took some swigs off of Mike’s milkshake… Who knows what his blood sugar was at before that…

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     Stephanie schultz 

    @mikim or could mikes milkshake possibly have been drugged?

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     Miki M 

    @schultz80 That seems entirely unlikely unless Otis was the one to do it – and it also seems unlikely, because the presumption is also that Mike drank some of it himself and did not suffer any ill-effects from it other than, perhaps, some caloric or lactose-intolerance regret.

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    too much booze caused the sugar blood go too high that landed him in the hospital so he need the help but i am sure Sarah is trying use diabtes as cover up so lets blame it on the shake he stole from Mike at least i hope she read my empathetic email that my offer to help hoping that she will take my advice and the help i told her the 12 steps does the wonders 😉 i say too much i best stop now

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