Anointment, Ouroboros and TPTB.

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    I’ve been contemplating something all day now.

    Anointment is coming next month. OSDM wants to show us how they are NOT the ‘crazy conspiracy’ we have become to believe they are. But they also want us to see them and be ready for complete submission (from the event site). Everything we’ve seen from them suggests (or at least, they WANT us to believe it suggests) that they are extremely careful in everything they present. As such, everything they’ve told us so far means something (or at least, SHOULD mean something).

    So let’s take a look at the definition of anointment from Merriam-Webster and how each -could- apply to the name of the event:

    transitive verb
    1 to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance
    — Well, given that they have asked us to dress to impress (in whatever -we- think makes us look attractive) would theoretically rule this one out. Unless they intend to intentionally destroy something we value as part of their ‘proof’ that they’re not as evil as we believe them to be. Which would defeat that attempt at proof. But it could be part of the ‘submission’–what do you desire, and how much are you willing to accept to get it?

    2 a) to apply oil to as part of a religious ceremony
    This is the most obvious version of what the name means–that we are going to be made part of OSDM, or part of the Anoch group, or somehow ‘blessed’. That the anointment is for, about or aimed at US, the audience.

    But I don’t think we have any -proof- that such is the case, do we? And given that we’ve just been told that we aren’t relevant any more (by ‘a’ over on the Slack)…why are we so certain that -we- are, in any way, the focus of this event? At best, we are cogs in the machine that will be built that night.

    Which means any of us could be oiled to make it move more efficiently. But that’s just a function. Not the goal.

    2 b) to choose by or as if by divine election, also to designate as if by a ritual anointment
    — Here is the choice that I think might be what’s about to happen. Mason posts a video suggesting that he’s someone other than “Mason”, smiling as though his job is ‘done’ now. Other characters begin to shut down. Other groups are eradicated. It’s almost as though this particular section is collapsing on itself.

    Why? Could it be because this event is aimed NOT at us…but at and for someone new who will be ‘anointed’ as the new successor/leader/head of this experience? Could it be that because there are new people getting involved or coming out of the shadows (like me) that it’s time to start again? To let the snake swallow itself once and for all so that a new cycle can begin with someone NEW as the focal point?

    What if all we are -really- going to have happen at this event are illusions of shadow and smoke, making us think we’ve participated in something grand when in reality we’re just fueling the rebirth of the entire goal of OSDM through the ‘anointment’ of a new group leader or organization or functionary or priest?

    “Even the one that thinks they’re the top has people they answer to”…What if the individual who played Mason was always working for TPTB. As part of that duty (which he does willingly as a member), he was given the task of -believing- that he was someone named Mason, able to influence events? When his mask was removed, he would revert back to his real self–pleased with the job he had done.

    What if it’s simply time for them to unleash someone new onto the scene? What if it’s someone we already know–or someone new–or someone who, like Mason, believes they are legitimately someone…except there’s a mask waiting to get pulled off next month, revealing that this person was someone else all along.

    Every time something happens, we go to the forums. We go to Slack. We talk round and round and round about what’s happening, eating our own tail on a daily basis. But if there’s a new leader thrust into things from nowhere, that could derail that snake. And if it’s someone we already know–someone reading this and thinking “Well, I know it’s not me!”…couldn’t that break the snake (us) into a million parts?

    What if the anointment makes it clear to ALL of us, at the same time, that we are ALL part of TPTB? What if that is what made us willing to be drawn to this event when the majority of the world hasn’t been? What if we’re ALL living with a mask we don’t know?

    That WOULD make Anointment about us. But it would destroy our circle all the same.

    Yes, I know, multiple ideas. But I’ve been really caught by how much some of this feels similar to my own experiences with things repeating over time.

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