Anointment — A Warning

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Transferred from and expanded on from Slack:

    Clarity = coming to Slack after a full day away. I echo Bryan. We have many warnings about not knowing the gravity of what approaches because most have been flippant about everything to keep an emotional distance from events. I don’t think we are prepared. I don’t think anyone has given much thought to what they lust after. I don’t think many have asked themselves what confronting their Shadows will be like.

    It’s really awful. It will mess you up. And if you become gripped by your Shadow — the Darkness I believe Otis speaks of — it will bury what you and others regard as your “normal” mindset.

    Perhaps the behavior we are witnessing from Sabrina, Morgan, and even Mason, are the result of these people having been possessed by their shadows. Don’t laugh. It’s a real thing. When that friend of yours suddenly starts saying things and you think, “that just doesn’t sound like them”, then you know.
    Or rather, when they stop believing you…you’ll know it’s begun.

    It’s right fucking there in the Encroaching Dark email. “Perhaps you feel your Shadow’s desire growing with the encroaching storm so many pretend not to see…”

    “Man’s misguided morality” — meaning the traditional sense of “right” — is going to be buried.

    “Power is the only law” — power over oneself and power over others. The former is only truly achieved through wholeness while the latter is a function of the Shadow.

    Whether or not BoS knows this or that or OSDM this or Sabrina that — these are distractions. Weeds.

    Think about the forest. Think about what you don’t want to face. Think about the purpose of being flippant. It’s akin to laughing in the darkness. All it does is hinder preparedness.

    A. Was not joking when he said to shower beforehand. We should cleanse ourselves in preparation for anointment. It’s a ceremony that is supposed to deal in goodness and repel evil spirits. Although apparently in Amcient Egypt it’s part of consecrating marriage (LUSSSST)…and before mummification.

    Personally, I’m taking these warnings deadly seriously. Last I knew, I’m still in a cult and I want out. Briarberg hasn’t made its plan clear yet so as far as I know that’s what this may be about. Or not. But nobody else has reached out yet so that’s all I got.

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     Robert Fuller 

    Last I knew, I’m still in a cult and I want out.

    You keep saying that. Who or what is keeping you in the cult, besides yourself? Besides your … lust?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    I’m a fatalist. Whomever controls the strings will not let any of us go. Walking away seems like a
    false choice at this point.

    It’s why I hope what Stephanie told me about Briarberg is true.

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     Robert Fuller 

    If you’re a fatalist, I guess no one can help you. I wish I was a fatalist, but I’m not. It sure would be easier, though.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Not exactly. By fatalist, I mean whatever will happen will happen.

    However, I am also an optimist. Whatever happens will ultimately be of value to me.

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