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    Me, as Hannah, periscoped this earlier –

    Note – we did NOT harass the employees or anyone else –

    Bullet points we gathered –
    • No one left a present, flyer, or anything to get picked up.
    • When the store calls, it comes up as private number. We had them call both android and iPhone. They also said no one had come in making a call, and they didn’t call anyone yesterday. The person we had talked to worked yesterday as well.
    • We checked the bathroom, magazine rack, front of the building, and back of the building thoroughly. Nothing. Also asked the liquor stores near by cause Noah likes to party.
    • We left a number for the guys to call us in case anything happens. They were super cool and chatted us up a lot.

    So as of right now there is no indication that this is any more than a funny title for Melissa’s phone call, and there’s a (little bitch) named Andy as a person in The System.

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    So the main question is: Why here? There’s no way they just picked a random place to fake a call from. There’s something we are missing. Do you guys have any ideas while @shankfx22 @lazysmartperson and I are still in the area?

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    I am also here still.

    We’re trying to find any sort of connection. Looked into a Sex store’s dumpster and saw terrible things for this.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    As I mentioned in Slack, my assumption would be that it’s not really about the literal location. It was moreso about @mkarrett having that in her call history. A cheeky move by Noah to illicit embarrassment.

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