Alchemy and LUST

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    This is legit guys. Fantastic.
    @lilmsfancpants :
    This literally blows my mind.
    If it was wheat, which indeed looks very different than bundles of sage, the information you’ve found makes me compelled to believe, indeed it was wheat. Tina did not misspeak, she didn’t offer any other rational: Wheat from what looked like an Eye Glass case.


    I have a B.S. in Genetics, and I remember learning about another very interesting way you can get human chimeras without any genetic manipulation. Genetic females have 2 X chromosomes, one from mom and one from dad. One is inactivated very early on in development, and as far as we know it’s permanent. If it happens that different X chromosomes are inactivated in different cells, all of those cells’ descendants will retain the same X chromosome, so you can get two patterns of expression in the same person.


    @anakindrew and @izryn, this chimera stuff is wild! I feel like it all fits with existing theories about shadow personas, id vs. ego, and evolution to a more whole and enlightened being. Very cool! 😀


    This thread is awesome guys, good job all and thank you for posting!! I love symbolism and mythology – intersecting ideas and archetypes from these methods with modern science makes it even more intriguing…will be looking into this myself when I have more spare time 🙂


    Time to bump this topic now that we’ve seen what Andy saw:

    I’m gonna paraphrase part of the Law of Equivalent Exchange in alchemy (“In order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed.)

    The Law of Natural Providence: an object or material made of a particular substance or element can only be transmuted into another object with the same basic makeup and properties of that initial material.

    Let’s apply this to what we (think we) know now. The Lust symbol is inside a transmutation circle (great find, @superstar.) It’s been in front of us this whole time but we’ve been seeing it wrong.
    Human Transmutation, while taboo, is often attempted to resurrect someone/something. You could, in theory, place the deceased soul into a new body.

    His bloodline is truth to the spirit, the wisdom and the coming darkness. Submit and be made whole!

    Horace and Sarah have both stressed the importance of bloodlines. What if the OOA, or their predecessors who are the “true” original followers of Anoch/Enoch per @meghanmayhem‘s theory, are no longer trying to find Oracles to speak for Anoch, but are trying to summon Anoch himself? And the Sinclairs are perfect vessels, because they are the true descendants of Anoch.

    An object can only be transmuted into another object with similar properties. Similar properties. The same family. The same bloodline.

    Snake N Shit

    The future humans are Gods amongst men.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    So while we’re on the topic of transmutation…
    let me pose an theory to you all (specifically those with knowledge of Tension)

    If there is any legitimacy to transmutation, in terms of transferring the essence of being from one form to another…

    Is there any chance this may be what we’re looking at? Some old “friends” back for more?
    Is there a chance that the woman on the floor is the hopeful new Gatekeeper 2 (aka Addison/Sabrina)?

     Taylor Winters 

    @meghanmayhem, that’s truly interesting. We heard Horace’s voice–so I would assume he was one of the men in the black robes. Do we know how Gatekeepers were chosen or came about?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @taysavestheday While Horace was there, he was clearly not part of the ritual, just overseeing it. The hooded face we saw at the end of the periscope could have been him, or it could have been an additional man along with Horace and Otis that were there, but not part of the scene. The 3 hooded figures taking part in the ritual were separate.


    I missed this post when it originally came about but everything @wanda102 just summed up from it sounds pretty on point! I’m liking this whole idea alot. It makes sense and it’s pretty terrifying


    This is really interesting and supports speculations I’ve had. Do we have any thoughts on the timing of the pictures relative to the Periscope? Also, does the ornamentation on the head of the hooded figure to the right have any known significants?


    There is also a creepy black and white painting on the wall behind the masked figure??


    @sfire8 i noticed that as well, but it’s a bit blurry to make out.


    Because of the increase in Egyptian motif, this is likely to be Anok of Egypt, rather than Enoch of Judeo-Christian legend.

    That being the case, the transmutation lends itself to a transfer of essence— but in this case, this feels like they’re summoning Anok through blood-lust and potential rebirth. Here’s some sources I’ve pulled on how I’m going this direction.;f=8;t=006518;p=1
    “the person who identifies remains classified the mummy as being from the 18th dynasty…he was named as being Anok..the boy with the bleeding heart, the story goes that he was beheaded because he and his brother were out riding horses, and Meti was next in line for the Kingdom, so Anok killed him by throwing him from his horse and then making his horse stomp on him..right in the heart. Meti died and Anok was accused of being his killer so they beheaded him.”
    Something that aligns closer to everything— is Anak. The forefather of the Anakim, and were considered the very tall descendents of the Nephilim. Nephilim who were descended from the stock of man and angel, the angels who defied the orders of Heaven and taught mankind the various gifts and secrets of the universe. It is believed that Alchemy was a gift taught by the Angels, as portrayed in the Book of Enoch. Well now, I guess both terms of Anak and Enoch are viable. They seem to weave back together— in a circle.

    I rescind my earlier point. Its starting to head towards Enoch. 😉


    Well Enoch does of course have the Noah link…

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