Actual Future Humans/Body Snatchers

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     Maxwell R 

    I would like to apologize for this in advance @mike. I’m sorry I have to drag you into this.

    We have been on the topic of future people for a bit thinking it is simply about genetics or advancement in general well being, what if it’s more than that, what if our future selves are coming back to take our place, do it all over again (just like we wanted to do Ascension over and over again).

    We have been talking about shadow-people, evidence that there are alternate versions of ourselves lurking in the world who we have not met yet has been revealed. What are their goals?

    The other day Mike Fontaine (who likes synth-pop and uses the Internet frequently) met a kindly old gentleman by the name of Otis Fletcher (who loves country and doesn’t know much about the Internet). Here’s where it gets weird; I think you may have met your future self…Otis Fletcher and Mike Fontaine have the same amount of letters 4 and 8, Otis has a similar(ish) nose to Mike (sorry) and he was wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt possibly to cover his tattoos.

    I know this sounds insane but think about it, wouldn’t you try to throw yourself off the trail by playing dumb. Are we going to get body swapped?!

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    Not a bad theory at all…on top of all that, he was super nice and I’m kind of a dick sometimes. Maybe it’s my future shadow self? Maybe he got into the Delorean in order to make a change for the better!

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     Andrew K 

    this is definitely an interesting theory, and makes sense to me.

    I wonder if we’ll all get our own shadow persona played out by an actor?

    I’d love to see mine – What’s the opposite of a 24 year old director of photography who like 90s grunge and rock music, has a passion for cooking and wears all black clothing?

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    Haha oh man I fucking love this theory!!

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    There’s nothing I want more than for this to be true. It would be staggering. I want a 60 year old @julierei who we can actually test for fingerprint matches. Looks like Otis listed his year of birth as 1965. He looks a little old for 52.

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    @macbethinabathtub Mike said he put that birthday for him by using the current date and Otis had a 52 in his email so he just guessed that to be his age. But it’s all random made up by @mike

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     Taylor Winters 

    @anakindrew; I’d say your shadow persona sounds like one of the ladies that processed you during Ascension.

    And thanks again for the amazing theory, @moustachemax!

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    That’s correct @pandace88 I never got his birthday, so when FB asked for it, I put 52 based on his email and used Sunday’s date since that’s when I met him. I didn’t want to offend him by making him too old, that’s why I didn’t put the year 1952 as his birth year 🙂

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Ah, good point @pandace88. Judging from the non-internet savvy family members in my life, if “52” was in Otis’ email address I’d say that’s probably the year he was born, rather than his current age.

    That would make him 65, depending on birthday. Does that sound about right, @mike?

    Edit: Nevermind, Mike beat me to it!

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    Yeah, that sounds a lot more likely, @bcbishop, even some of my high school students do that with their email addresses, ending them with 92 and the like. With an age, it would only be current for a year.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Coming back to this, @moustachemax I think you may be on to something. Keep in mind today’s iConfidant FB post:

    “Today is a great day to start changing lives for the better”

    Is this our future selves coming to change our lives?

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    @nothenrygale if my confidant is me from the future, she’s pretty boring. ?

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     Maxwell R 

    @wanda102 How would you throw yourself off of your own track? If it were me I would be doing exactly what is happening. Although I have only gotten a simple “Hello” from my iConfidant I don’t think I would come at myself with anything more as to avoid suspicion. (This is the weirdest thing I have said all week.)

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    @moustachemax I got the Hello message like you did. But I dunno if it throws me off track as you say by being so unimpressive, ha.

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    @moustachemax if Otis is future @mike, than Noah is future @thebuz if you don’t believe me look at the photo of him in the “Join Us” page. He sure resembles a young Noah Sinclair. lol!

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